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Why use automatic checkweighers on the assembly line

by:Kenwei      2022-10-07
A checkweigher is an online weighing device. It can monitor product quality problems on the production line, so why use a checkweigher on the assembly line, and what are its advantages? One: Automatic checkweigher can ensure product quality. Every factory and enterprise has high quality requirements, especially automated production lines. In the quality management system, whether the product is qualified or defective, it can carry out accurate express weighing and checking, and can also transmit the data to the computer for analysis and statistics. Two: Automatic checkweighers can reduce labor costs. Product weight detection requires multiple people to operate. If there was a checkweigher machine on the assembly line to replace manual labor, everything would be different. Three: Automatic checkweigher machine can improve production efficiency. Manual weighing has limited speed and accuracy is difficult to control. However, the automatic checkweigher is 10 times that of manual weighing, which improves the production efficiency of enterprises.
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