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which fruits and veggies are in season?

by:Kenwei      2019-09-15
Delicious late-
Season plum for $310/kg.
Source: supply fruit: pick up a new one for extra sweets
$5-season cream apple$8/kg.
To prepare a cream-frozen apple breakfast, you can fold the cream-frozen apple meat through natural yogurt and match it with baked milk assorted and passion fruit pulp. New-
Nashi is sweet, crispy, $4$6/kg.
Nashi is beautifully combined with grilled walnuts, ham, shredded blue cheese and endive to make a delicious salad or main course.
The sweet and crisp apple is the perfect snack food.
It\'s time for the apple season, with Royal Gala, Jonathan, Grandma Smith, Red delicacy and Fuji.
Price from $2-
$6/kg depending on variety and size.
The ganmei fig is a seasonal cuisine with a delicate texture and charming pink flesh that is ideal for sweet and delicious dishes. Figs are 80c-$2 each.
Juicy, vibrant late autumn plums are full of flavor.
Choose from fall giants, angelino, teagan blue and the October sun.
Depending on the variety, the price of plum is $3$10/kg.
Vegetables: keep an eye on the fresh pistachios.
Only four or five weeks, a seasonal treatment.
The nuts are mild.
The taste is delicate. it is a healthy and delicious snack.
$13 is expected-$15/kg.
Fresh carrots are colorful, sweet and versatile, making them the perfect choice for autumn cuisine.
Enjoy a raw meal in a salad or taste it in a stir
Chips, casserole, soup, meat
Pasta sauce.
Or treat them as sweet treats like carrots, zucchini, apples and walnut bread.
The price of carrots is $1. 50-
$2 per kilogram, up to $2.
The larger carrot is 50 kg/kg and is loose for sale.
Medium and large zucchini is good-
Supply and great value at $3$5/kg.
The ground zucchini is perfect for adding risotto, rissoles, patties, pasta and delicious Zucchini, Parmesan and basil.
The harvest of green olives is underway.
So it\'s time to start saving.
$2 little olives-
$3/kg, $4 extra large Kalamata olives-$6/kg.
Which fruits and vegetables are in season?
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