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what top chefs have as comfort food - times of india

by:Kenwei      2019-09-19
We all have a comfortable food that we always turn --
Whether it\'s the end of a long, tiring day or the beginning of a bad break --up.
Those with limited cooking skills may have to keep calm with instant noodles and chopped sausages, or double cheddar pizzas ordered as takeout, but how will chefs try to cope with a bad day?
Three city chefs share their experienceto, home-
Comfortable food cooked with basic ingredients.
Former Interstate executive chef Kayzad Sadri \"I traveled to Italy a few years ago and ate this dish in a small trattoria in rural Tuscany, even thinking it was a simple dish.
Even today, I remember the taste of it.
I made it at home for the first time and it turned out to be good, but I remember putting the shrimp in the sauce instead of baking.
But next time I bake them instead of putting them in the sauce because I like it the most.
The result is amazing.
When I first did it, I used ordinary pasta.
Now I use whole wheat as a healthier alternative.
\"Whole wheat pasta (
40 gms per person)
Prawns (
Clean and Peel, 10 pieces)tomato (
400 gms, peeled, chopped)garlic (3 cloves)onion (
1 small, very chopped)
Salt and pepper (to taste)chilli flakes (to taste)oregano (
Preferably fresh or dry, 2 to 3basil (2 to 3 sprigs)
Extra virgin olive oil (1+1+1 tsp)Method -
Cook pasta in salt water. -
Put a teaspoon of olive oil in the pan. -
Add onions and garlic.
Stir-fry until soft and add chili slices and tomatoes. -
Season with salt and pepper and cook for 30 minutes until finished. -
Marinate prawns with salt, pepper, paprika and olive oil.
Grill in a pot and cook for two minutes each side.
Don\'t overcook, stir the pasta in the sauce and cook it for five minutes until it is fully mixed. -
Add basil and seasoning to the pasta. -
Served with grilled prawns, chopped fresh herbs and grated Parmesan cheese. -
For a better taste, pour a little extra virgin olive oil on it.
Chef Sahil Singh Pa Ya \"Rajma chawal is my comfort food and I can spend it to the fullest on any day.
From the Punjab family, my mother will cook for us and eat with other accompaniment such as mango kimchi, Pope and family --
Fresh coriander and spicy mint sauce.
The best way is to heat up directly from my mother\'s kitchen.
\"Ingredients red rajma (300gms)ginger paste (40gms)garlic paste (40gms)onion paste (120gms)tomato paste (120gms)garam masala (20 gms)deggi mirchi (20gms)
Red chili powder (20gms)zeera powder (20gms)
Black cardamom (5gms)hing (2gms)tej patta (10gms)
Corinthians seeds (15gms)water (500ml)
Chopped coriander (30gms)
Green Pepper for decoration (20gms)
Salt if you want to eat basmati rice (300gms)Method -
Soak rajma and Rice all night.
Pour the oil into the pressure cooker. -
Join tej patta, black cardamom and Xing. Saute.
Add ginger and garlic.
Add onion sauce.
Fried to golden brown. -
Add ketchup. Cook.
Add other ingredients. Sauté. -Add water.
Cover the cooker.
Wait until six whistles. -
Eat with steamed basemati rice.
Decorate with chopped coriander and green pepper.
Senior chef Dhwani Agrawal
Deputy head chef at Masala Library at Jiggs Kalra \"I have a wonderful childhood memory of my mother\'s Sindhi Kadi Chawal.
Because it takes time to make this dish, mom usually does it on Sunday, making it a Sunday specialty.
This is something we eagerly look forward to every week.
All my friends will let me treat them as my mom\'s Sindhi Kadi Chawal because it\'s a hit for all of you.
Until the date, she will cook when I go home because she knows it will make me live better.
When I was sick, it was chicken soup for my heart that my mother gave me.
\"Recipe for 4 ingredients besan (4 t-spoon)tomatoes (
8-pure and strained10 nos)drumsticks (
Cut 3 inch long 2yam (cubed, 250 gms)cluster beans (100 gms)potatoes (cubed), okra (
Sewed, fried, 150g)curry leaves (23 strings)
Oil for baking, frying, and tasting methi seeds (12 tspn)whole jeera (12 tspn)hing (a pinch)
Ginger powder (1 tspn)
Fresh leaves of coriander (
Chopped, decorative)
The whole red pepper (dry, 2-3)
No. 6 fruit of tamarind fruit meat (3 tblspn)Method -
Heat the oil in the pan.
Bake on a low flame to light brown. -
Jiaxing, dried red pepper, hemp, all jeera and tomato puree. -
Boil water.
Add ginger flour, salt and all vegetables except okra. -
Add kokum and curry leaves, stir-fry the okra after cooking and add the longan fruit meat. -
Decorate the tuk with chopped coriander
Fry potato chips in slow fire until half is taken out of oil, cool, gently flatten, Fry on high flames, sprinkle with ginger powder, red cold powder, salt and chocolate.
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