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what food should you not eat if you have a gluten allergy?

by:Kenwei      2019-09-11
Allergies to gluten can cause serious reactions, including inflammation of the digestive and nervous systems.
Symptoms of gluten allergy can range from mild to severe, even in life --threatening.
As a reaction to what it considers an \"intruder (
Gluten of people with gluten allergies)
The body produces excessive antibodies against the invasion.
While antibodies attack gluten, they also attack body tissues that are encoded by similar proteins.
The response to this process is that there are many symptoms in the body, including sinus problems, weight loss or weight gain, chronic itching rash, fatigue, anemia, diarrhea or constipation.
While some drugs may help alleviate some symptoms, the only way to really treat and manage gluten allergies is to eliminate all gluten consumption in your diet.
Gluten is one of the proteins found in grains such as wheat, barley, rye and oats.
Therefore, products containing either of these grains also contain gluten and should be avoided.
There is a lot of information on what products contain gluten on the Internet.
Some popular products include baked goods such as cakes, biscuits and all pasta.
As the equipment is contaminated during production, some brans and grains may also contain gluten.
Must check whether the ingredients on all food packages contain gluten, including marinade, processed meat, soy
Meat substitutes and all condiments.
In addition, alcoholic beverages such as beer, black beer, Guinness beer and beer are made from grains and contain gluten.
And gluten-
Contains a particularly wide list of products, gluten-
There are more and more free alternatives.
People with gluten allergies can still enjoy a different diet by understanding which products are gluten free.
These include rice, corn, potatoes, quinoa, buckwheat, cassava, beans, yogurt, fruit, eggs, sugar and nut flour.
Even gluten.
Free beer is available in Australia.
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