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What does the accuracy of food metal detectors depend on?

by:Kenwei      2022-06-13
The accuracy and reliability of the food metal detector depends on the frequency stability of the electromagnetic transmitter, and the operating frequency of 80-800khz is generally used. The lower the working frequency, the better the detection performance of iron; the higher the working frequency, the better the detection performance of high carbon steel. In addition, the sensitivity of the food metal detector decreases with the increase of the detection range, and the size of the sensing signal depends on the size and conductivity of the metal particles. Due to the existence of current ripple and current filter, the food metal detector has certain restrictions on the transmission speed of the measured object. If the transmission speed exceeds a reasonable range, the sensitivity of the food metal detector will be reduced. Kenwei food metal detectors can be customized to meet any specifications of the channel size according to customer needs. The detection system uses digital signal programs and high-precision processing technology to ensure the detection of the finest ferrous, non-ferrous and metal foreign bodies containing stainless steel. It is widely used to detect and separate all metals mixed in food, medicine, plastics, chemical raw materials, food raw materials and other industries, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, etc., to separate metal impurities in time, reduce downtime maintenance accidents, and increase work efficiency, thereby Reduce costs.
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