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What are the rejection methods of automatic checkweighers?

by:Kenwei      2022-10-09
What are the rejection methods of the automatic checkweigher? The automatic checkweigher is an electromagnetic device that is easily affected by the installation and working environment. When necessary, a conveyor device specially designed for automatic weighing equipment must be designed according to the actual situation of the user's production site. In order to achieve a good weighing effect, the design of the conveying device should comprehensively consider factors such as the power system of the conveying device, the material of the conveyor belt, the speed of conveying, the weight and volume of the conveyed items. For different products, the automatic checkweigher needs to carry out different methods of rejection. Generally speaking, the rejection methods of the checkweigher can be divided into the following types: 1. The speed of the air-blown rejection checkweigher is very high compared to other rejection methods. Fast, suitable for lighter products or fragile products, such as medical gauze, boxed medicines, etc. 2. The flapping checkweigher machine has a medium speed and is generally suitable for products in the fruit and vegetable industry, such as single vegetables and single fruit online weighing and sorting. 3. The push rod type rejection checkweigher machine has a medium speed and is suitable for removing products with moderate weight such as lack of bottles and missing parts in packaging boxes, such as beer in boxes, and beverages for weighing and sorting. 4. The speed of the lever-type rejection checkweigher ranks second. The advantage is that the products are rejected on both sides. It is generally used in the aquatic product industry, such as the sorting of abalone and sea cucumber. 5. The drop-type rejection checkweigher has high speed and is generally suitable for washing, daily chemical products, etc. Since there are many ways to remove checkweighers, enterprise users should choose the appropriate automatic sorting method according to their actual needs. Picture of automatic checkweigher
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