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What are the performance characteristics of the 14-head scale?

by:Kenwei      2022-05-20
The 14-head weigher is a kind of multi-head weigher, which is widely used in quantitative weighing and packaging of small bag materials such as Radix isatidis, oatmeal bags, biscuit bags, soy milk powder, coffee bags, candy, etc. It has a good market development prospect. Below we introduce the performance characteristics of the 14-head scale: 1. Unique performance: 1) Convert the weight of the packaging bag to the number of packages in the packaging bag for combination. 2) It has super computer connection function (including daily production statistics by computer). 3) According to the characteristics of the object to be weighed, the opening angle of the motor can be set freely to realize high-speed and accurate weighing. 4) Several buckets combined into the target weight can be set to discharge sequentially, effectively solving the problem of blockage of bulky materials. Two main features: 1) Adopting a rotary main vibration machine with sweeping rod, the sensor is a material weighing detection switch and a 2.5L capacity hopper. 2) The perfect combination of high precision and high speed, through computer calculation, instantaneous optimization and selection of the best combination from a wealth of weight combinations. 3) IP65 grade waterproof and dustproof design, the main components are made of stainless steel, clean and hygienic, and the fully sealed design is easy to clean. 4) It has super-strong fault self-diagnosis ability, thereby effectively reducing the mechanical failure rate. 5) Equipped with a powerful help menu, making it easier for you to operate. 6) Powerful automatic data statistics function, record the total weight, total number of packages, qualification rate and other indicators of each batch of production.
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