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what\'s the issue with metal detectors in jerusalem?

by:Kenwei      2019-08-25
JERUSALEM (Reuters)-
For 10 days, Jerusalem has been in the midst of the worst bloodshed in years, as Israel has decided to install metal detectors at the entrance to the old city\'s holy house.
Some readers and observers want to know a simple metal detector.
So common in so many parts of the world
It could trigger such violence: A Palestinian man was stabbed to death at his home by three members of an Israeli family, and three Palestinians were shot and killed by Israeli forces in the conflict.
But, as with anything related to the politics and religion of the Holy Land, the dispute is not only about the security devices themselves, but also about sovereignty, religious freedom, occupation and Palestinian nationalism.
Here are some answers to this question.
Israel installed the devices on July 16, two days after two Israeli police officers were shot dead by Israeli police.
Arab attackers armed in the compound in the center of the old town.
It is called a sacred Sanctuary by Muslims, where the al-Aqsa mosque and rock dome are located, where Jews are called the most sacred place in Judaism-the Temple Hill, where ancient temples used to be.
The detectors were installed at the entrance to the compound where Muslims enter prayer every day. Non-
Muslims are allowed to visit the area as tourists who enter through a separate gate using metal detectors for a long time.
The first issue is consultation.
The Palestinians said the Israelis had not informed them of the probe.
Israel said it had notified Jordan, the custodian of the Holy Land.
In any case, the measures were implemented quickly and had a direct impact on the Palestinians, despite the fact that Israel-
The Arabs launched attacks that prompted installation.
Israel occupied East Jerusalem, including the Old City, in 1967 Middle East wars and annexed them, a move that the international community did not recognize.
So, until today, most people in the world consider this to be an occupi, and the status of the region is considered controversial until it is resolved through negotiations.
The Palestinians therefore reject the authority of Israel, its tight security presence and unilateral actions against metal detectors.
But the controversy is growing.
For centuries, there has been a delicate state of affairs in aristocratic nursing homes --
Jews and Christians can visit the Temple Mount, but only Muslims are allowed to pray.
When Israel occupied the area, it promised to abide by the agreement.
However, a growing number of religious figures have upset many Palestinians --
Nationalist Jews go to this compound every day and some try to pray.
Israeli police usually expel them, but Palestinians believe the status quo is changing.
The installation of metal detectors gives the impression that Israel is changing the rules and the Israeli government has rejected this view.
The international community has asked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to give up and remove metal detectors, but he has rejected the calls saying safety is critical.
He is meeting with senior cabinet members to study the way forward with signs of alternatives such as face-to-face
A camera identification or selective search may be proposed.
The problem is any Israeli.
Palestinians may reject the LEAD initiative and Jordan may reject it.
The United Nations, the United States, Europe and Russia could therefore be involved. U. S.
Regional action by President Donald Trump
Jason Greenblatt is scheduled to return to the area on Monday.
On the Palestinian side, he is very grumpy.
\"Sovereignty over the holy mosque is ours,\" Palestinian President Abbas said in a speech last week . \".
\"We are the ones who should monitor and stand in front of the gate.
Abbas interrupted security coordination with Israel, a major initiative since Palestinian and Israeli forces cooperated on Israeli security issues on a daily basis
Palestinian self-limiting occupied West Bankrule.
The Israelis want to know what\'s going on with all this, comment on Facebook and Twitter about how normal metal detectors are all over the world, and point out that Jews have to go through them to get to the west wall, the most sacred place to allow them to pray.
The views of Palestinians are very different.
The sublime sanctuary has become a symbol of national aspirations, the dome of rock and aluminum
Al-Aqsa mosque painted on murals in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
The area is a huge stone and marble square lined with cypress trees and is one of several open spaces for Muslims in the old town to celebrate and party.
\"Our problem is not just the gate, our problem is the Israeli occupation,\" said Walid Alhawany, a 48-year-old owner in the Old City.
\"The Al-Aqsa mosque is not a place to set up a security gate and you will feel that it is an Israeli institution.
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