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what’s new in italy this year

by:Kenwei      2019-09-01
Italy —
Every square kilometer has more culture, crowds and chaos than anywhere else in Europe.
It\'s the happiest when you get up. to-
Dates for sightseeing and infrastructure News.
The latest news: Florence, like other European cities, is now safer.
Visit some of the main museums
Such as the College (
With David of Picasso)
Uffizi and bagello-
It takes a little extra time and patience as a metal detector and X-
The light opportunity of the bag makes the line slow.
The city\'s cathedral museum, reopened last year after a massive renovation, has quickly become a popular attraction.
Highlighted by original works that decorate the cathedral, wash auditorium and Bell Tower-
Including the extraordinary gate of Lorenzo gilbiti\'s heavenly bronze panel
This museum is one of the greatest art experiences in Italy.
Climb the iconic Dome of the cathedral and book it now-
This is a good thing considering the previously choking congestion and long queues.
Make your appointment climb online or at the ticket window.
The museum and Dome climb are covered by the same 15 euro combination-
Tickets also include a visit to the auditorium, the clock tower and the Temple of St. rebata.
However, combination-
For travelers who purchase the Firenze Card, the ticket is unnecessary, which covers all of this and allows you to skip the large ticket lines for most tourist attractions.
Pizzasi, Florence, near Pisa, the city\'s cathedral is being renovated. The Cathedral is a huge Pizan Roman cathedral with a famous Oblique clock.
Through 2018, the upper and front parts of the interior of the cathedral will be covered with scaffolding, and the associated cathedral museum will be closed for renovation.
For passengers entering and leaving Pisa, the new \"pizza MRT\" train offers a simple 8-
Connecting minutes from Galileo Airport to the main train station, leaving every 10 minutes. (
This train station also has regular contact with Cinque Terre, Florence and the rest of Italy. )
As usual, ROMERome is in a state of constant change and the traffic and buildings around the town are changing.
For example, there is no lovely electric minibus.
The 116 has stopped, and it offers visitors an easy way through the medieval core of the city.
The entrance to the platform is now limited to ticketholders at the tmini train station.
Fortunately, however, there is no trouble with metal detectors and the lines are usually very short.
Airport pick-up is now an easy and cheap two new competitors --T. A. M.
And Stephanie.
It has begun to run buses between temini station and Fiumicino, Rome\'s main airport.
Inside and outside the Constantine cathedral in the Roman Square, a construction project of a new metro line may be seen in the next few years.
San Suzanne in northern Rome
The location of the American Catholic Church in Rome-
Closed due to renovations, although you can still pick up tickets for the Pope\'s audience there, and nearby churches hold Mass in English every day.
There are also some adjustments to the ancient ruins of Rome.
Outside the Roman amphitheater, the coarse-dressed \"Gladiator\" is now officially banned from taking photos with tourists (
Although it remains to be seen whether these photogenic bullies will really be blocked).
At palatini Hill, the House of Augustus and the House of Livia, the most complete house in the ruins of this hill, are finally open to the public.
Venice is still very lively. Of course, visitors will find a new first place with confidence.
Aid station composed of English personnel
In the holy. Mark’s Square.
Number of ear screens (
Gondola of the Space Shuttle)
Local and in-the-
Tourists on the Grand Canal have been reduced from 7 to only 3: fish market near the Rialto Bridge, San Toma near the church of Friary, in Santa Maria del Gigi
Not far from St. Mark’s Square.
Just walk in and get a 2 euro boatman and enjoy the journey.
Venice is still sinking, unfortunately the MOSE project
Includes underwater mobile doors that should close the Venetian lagoon to protect the city from flooding
The corruption scandal has stalled.
Fishing village five is located in the Italian Riviera, and the five villages of fishing village five are still fun to explore, but more crowded than ever before.
Cruise ships continue to dump their crowds into national parks, making towns and trails so crowded that the area becomes very difficult to enjoy when boats are in town.
Stay away from these villages if cruising.
If there is no cruise, enjoy them outside the cruise daytrip hours.
Vernazza, my favorite fishing village of five, now has its own summer opera Collection (
Wednesday and Friday nights from April to October).
Twice a week, one big-
Lucca\'s master of names brought talented singers to perform in a small lecture hall behind the town\'s cathedral, which has been meticulously restored.
Italy still has the richest and craziest culture in Europe in 2017.
If you look at Italy in your own way, you will experience a cultural background that truly feels good. —
Rick Steves writes European travel guides and hosts tours on public television and radio. E-
Send him an email at rick @ ricksteves
Follow his blog on Facebook.
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