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by:Kenwei      2019-08-17
The Falcon movement was welcomed by ancient Egypt and medieval European nobles and is being revived in the United States.
Some of its history and practices will be discussed and presented at 2 points. M.
Hosted Today by Lorna McKinnon, director of the clinic at the Greenberg nature center Wildlife Museum in Scottsdale.
Miss McKinnon was an apprentice to the Falcons, became the general of the Falcons, and then became the first step of the owner of the Falcons.
Training and licensing is provided by state laws designed to protect birds.
While there are hundreds of Falcons across the country, at least 85 people in the state have been licensed since the Ministry of Environmental Protection officially acknowledged the campaign in 1977.
Miss McKinnon will be accompanied by Kimmi, a kestral Falcon adopted by the center as an orphan.
\"She flew on a creance or a long belt.
\"We will not let her fly freely because she is printed on humans and may be in trouble in the wild,\" said Miss McKinnon . \".
Kimmi is feeding mice, chickens in the hatchery and vitamins for this purpose.
In order to become an apprentice, Miss McKinnon must be taught by a master and then pass a written test of Falcon, game law, animal identification, and property taxes of 80% or more.
She was only allowed to have a kestral or a red-tail hawk.
A general or a falcon master can have two or three larger raptors.
According to George teidman, chief wildlife inspector at the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the eagle and Falcon are endangered species in the state and cannot be trapped.
Chuck Keane, a falcon master and a McKinnon teacher, said he was interested in the Falcon because he saw a Falcon bend at a speed of 150 miles per hour, kill it in another instant. It was a once-in-
But this is a daily phenomenon under the constraints of the Falcon. \'\'Mr.
Teidman says he thinks the Falcon is becoming more and more popular because \"it\'s a different thing, a talking thing.
\"Now that DDT is no longer used, the number of raptors is increasing.
Apprentice Falcon must be accompanied by the owner when going out to catch a shark or red
Their own tail.
\"They train through hunger, not intelligence or affection,\" said Miss McKinnon . \".
\"You can\'t shoot the bird in the head and say \'good Falcon \'.
Behavior changes based on food are effective.
\"The wrong approach may result in the loss of the license, sir.
Teidman says, like in the case of the Falcon, its birds get out of control and attack a little child.
\'I only know one such example,\' he said.
The state requires the Raptors to remain in a fence about the size of a horse stall.
Weighing scales, appropriate food, water and tether must be provided, all of which are subject to inspection by the national representative. Mr.
Keane, curator of Hudson Heights Museum, natural history and art facilities in Cornwall-on-
Hudson went to Wyoming to capture his Prairie Falcon and bought the bird for more than $1,500.
Trapped in the local kestral can cost about $250 a year.
Tickets for this project are $2.
The center is located on Dromore Road outside the center of Aevnue. Call 723-
More information 3470
VerBRYCKA painting about Cornelius VerBryck, missing on 140 at Tappan, now priced at $48,000, is at the heart of the unusual exhibition on the 19th
Century Rockland art.
This exhibition was reconstructed from the former residence of Edward Hooper, a famous painter at 82 North Broadway in New York.
Welbrick, a close friend of Thomas Cole, admired him very much at the age of 19
Century painter
According to Lynn Beman of the Nyack Trisdonn Gallery, due to a hard technique and early death, his little work has killed his reputation in the bud. Mrs.
Beman bought the painting from a dealer in New York last year.
\"He is not a bold painter . \"Beman said.
\"His color is very subtle and he uses the glaze layer by layer. \'\' The 18-by-22-
The frame painted a Brown House in Taipan, where George Washington set up a temporary headquarters at the end of the Revolutionary War.
Of the 24 paintings of 21 artists living or working in the county, 8 were sold for $3,500 to $50,000.
Robert Havel\'s rainbow on Hurson got the highest price for the highest price.
\"It has everything on the 19th --
\"There should be a century fence painting,\" said the lady. Beman said.
\"Cattle, dogs, people, boats, rivers, Tor and Shuanghong.
The Edwardian hoppers Landmark Protection Foundation, established in 1971, will benefit from partial sales, with some purchase prices deductible.
The house was built in 1858 and was not occupied by members of the Hooper family until two years after the artist\'s death in 1967.
Hopper lived there since he was born in 1882 until he graduated from Nyack High School.
\"He moved to New York and Cape Cod, where he drew most of the paintings,\" said Lawrence Heller, Jr . \"
A member of the Foundation
\"Once he drew Helen Hayes\'s house on the street, the only thing he did on the committee,\" Mr HayesHeyl said.
\"One day he just showed up and set up the easel on the lawn.
He is not a sociable person.
Never bothered to tell her if he would paint the painting.
You can see the exhibition from noon to four o\'clock P. M. M.
Friday and 1 to 5M.
Weekend of October31.
Lecture on the 19th-
Century American prints will be published by print collector and writer William Dibao at 8: 00 p. M. M. Wednesday.
For more information, please call 358-
Exhibition Time 0774
The Westchester Family Program Home Services Program has arranged a number of projects designed to deal with special circumstances and problems.
One of them is a series of training sessions for parents with latchkey children.
The event will be hosted by social worker Toby Reisman from 7: 30 to 9. M.
For the next three Wednesday, the family service office in Tali town, 54 Main Street.
\"Children should never wear a key that can be seen on their necks,\" said the lady. Reisman said.
\"If there is evidence that someone broke in
In, the child should be instructed to stay away and go to the neighbor.
There will be discussions about answering obscene calls, dealing with power failures, fire safety, and many details that these children face, as well as questions from parents.
It costs $7 per session.
Other programs include foster parents of pre-school children who start a five-day course from October.
Bai Yuan, located at 470 Ma ronek Avenue;
Retirement opportunities and anxiety, four meetings starting at 10. M. Wednesday;
And \"you and your elderly parents\" held five meetings at 7: 30. M.
From Friday. Phone 948-
More details 8004
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