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[Weightlessness scale] How to deal with the inaccurate accuracy of weightlessness scale How to improve the accuracy of weightlessness scale

by:Kenwei      2021-07-16
The weightlessness scale is an automatic weighing equipment that realizes high-precision continuous and uniform metering and feeding through dynamic continuous weighing. It is long used for the control and batching of fine materials such as cement, lime powder, and coal powder. It can measure powder, granules, and flakes. Reliable, accurate and stable metering and feeding of various solid materials and various liquid materials at room temperature or requiring heat preservation, reducing material waste and improving the consistency of the mixture. More and more companies are now adopting weightlessness scales. What should I do if the accuracy of weightlessness scales is inaccurate? How can the accuracy of the weightlessness scale be improved? Let's take a look now! How to improve the accuracy of the loss-in-weight scale? Put the customer's materials into the hopper of the loss-in-weight scale for material calibration. The calibration of the loss-in-weight feeder is of great significance to the stable operation of the subsequent loss-in-weight feeder. After the calibration is completed, the weightlessness scale can measure and feed normally. In actual operation, during the operation of the weightlessness scale, the weighing sensor will collect accurate flow data in real time and send it to the weighing controller for processing. After calculation, the real-time processing data are respectively sent to the touch screen for screen display and data communication, and the panel controls the speed of the motor. In this way, the purpose of real-time adjustment of the flow can be achieved. At the same time, the weightlessness scale operates in a precise volume mode to ensure a stable and accurate flow. The accuracy of the weightlessness scale can be well controlled by controlling the above three points, and the related problems of inaccuracy will not occur.
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