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wedderburn heart of gold find leaves owner anxious

by:Kenwei      2019-08-29
Local residents recently found a huge piece of gold in the north of Bendigo, which made the town of weidburn very excited.
Leo Mathews has been looking for gold for the past 15 years.
After 15 months of \"drought\", he finally found gold in the form of a 25-ounce gold block, when he cheated in the jungle north of Bendigo.
Leo calls it very strong, with no clay or debris in the pipe, shaped like a heart --
The heart of gold.
\"They are very rare, a bit like snowflakes;
\"No two are the same,\" he said . \"
That afternoon Leo was only in the wild for about four hours, and when he encountered a previously \"over-working\" area in the bush, there was only two hours of detection.
Noting that the middle part was not touched, he decided to explore further as he found a small piece of gold nearby.
At that time, his high-tech pulse sensing detection system began to make some serious noise.
\"In order to stabilize the coil, I had to take the coil from about 3 feet from the ground, and I knew so you could hear the long letter number at the end, and I thought, Leo said: \"I think I have something here\" I didn\'t expect to be so big.
So he started digging to the bottom of the 1 feet hole until he felt any difficulty.
\"I can feel the weight of my fingers and the cold of gold, and I think, \'I finally have beauty \'.
\"Leo had been frustrated with gold detection until he discovered it, but insisted.
\"I am not a person who gives up lightly, I let myself do something, and I have been doing it,\" he said . \".
When asked about the features of a good gold miner, he said --
Determination, patience and low expectations.
Then the metal detector.
\"The machine has become much better over the years,\" Leo said . \".
\"Now there\'s a game rule change every two or three years, something new comes up, or the coil gets better, which just gives you more depth.
\"Technology is with machines.
Leo says he likes to be \"low and slow \".
\"Keep a steady swing all the way, don\'t worry, take your time, basically,\" Leo said . \".
An anxious timelio underwent a gold test as a form of exercise after knee replacement surgery.
That gave him a reason to go out and cross the bush, he said.
As we all know, he spent seven hours searching for gold in the hot summer sun.
\"It\'s hot and uncomfortable, and you spend the whole day picking up a bunch of garbage, from bullets to wires, nails, and you can name it,\" he said . \".
Except for the fact that he recently discovered that his biggest gold block so far is six. and-a-half grams.
But what motivates him is not just the exercise and temptation of wealth, but also his love for Bush and the contemplation it inspires.
\"It\'s great to go out in the jungle, it gives you a lot of time to think about things, things you \'ve done in your life, things you still want to do, things like that, \"said Leo.
But for fear of theft, the peace and tranquility inspired by Bush was destroyed.
\"This has changed your life,\" he said . \"
\"You have to be very careful about something of value, over $40,000.
\"At the same time, Leo will put it in a safe place before finding a buyer.
When he finally sold it, he said he planned to pay off some of his debts, complete the renovation of the house and take his wife, Irene, a nurse, on a ten-day cruise
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