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watching \"derry girls\" in a violent america

by:Kenwei      2019-09-07
Five teenagers.
Four girls and a boy.
Take a bus to Belfast, Ireland.
\"Michelle, what\'s in the suitcase,\" someone asked . \".
She replied, \"vodka.
1995, they had slipped out of the house with tickets to the concert and were ready to party.
Until Sister Michael, a stern nun who taught at school, our perfect lady, also boarded the bus.
Then panic and mischief.
This is the plot of \"Episode 3\" of Season 2 \"Delhi girls\", a breakthrough comedy that is being played on Netflix.
The Delhi girl is a sitcom created by Northern Ireland playwright Lisa McKee for Channel 4.
It was based on McKee\'s experience growing up in London, Northern Ireland, Delhi in early 1990.
This is the right choice for an audience who likes \"PEN15\" or \"big mouth\": fast-
In the exploration of adolescence, the rhythm, heartfelt and pleasant retreat.
The teenagers on the bus are the main characters of the show. There’s Erin (Saoirse-Monica Jackson)
She sometimes dreams of a bigger life than Delhi, her eccentric cousin Orla (Louisa Harland).
They and do-gooder Clare (Nicola Cowland), rule-
Michelle, circuit breaker (Jamie-Lee O’Donnell)
And Michelle\'s British cousin James (Dylan luelin).
Like Sister Michael, they gently rebelled against the school\'s disciplined nuns, as well as their devout Catholic parents waiting at home.
They entered a typical adolescence together.
Exciting antics: prepare for the ball, think about it, learn how to paint a wingeye line and make hot pot (
Not brownie.
Ireland, after all).
But in the context of these familiar high schools escaping from reality, a period of political violence and turmoil, in their 1960 s civil rights protests and demonstrations representing Catholic minorities have increased dramatically, and sectarian violence. “[A]
A special protest in Northern Ireland in October.
1968, marking the beginning of something that has been going on for 30 years, has triggered an understatement rebellion that is considered troublesome, alan Conwell of The New York Times wrote in his article, \"50 years later, trouble still casts a\" huge shadow \"over Northern Ireland \".
He continued: \"Since then, until 1998, when a solution called the Good Friday Agreement was signed, about 3,600 people were killed in the civil war, barricades and bombs exploded, the sniper opened fire and civil rights were suspended.
In the Delhi girls, the gang wants to do the normal things teenagers do not only inconsistent with the conservative religious beliefs of their parents, but because of their legitimate fear of violence sweeping their communities.
In the first episode of the first season, Irene and Ola are preparing for their first day of school.
Although Irene is worried about becoming an \"individual\" at this academic conference \"--
This means trying to change a denim jacket with her uniform jacket --
Her parents are worried about the threat of a bridge explosion outside the city.
When the teen bus stopped at a checkpoint on the way to school, two armed soldiers boarded the bus.
Michelle is excited.
\"Do you think he would have a look if I told him there was a burning device on my underwear? \" Michelle asked ? \".
\"Ach, some are rides.
I would like to admit that.
But the audience felt that it was normal for other students.
They yawn and look out the window until the check is over.
The trouble has been going on for 30 years.
This is everything they know. While decades-
Ireland\'s long-standing political turmoil is not the same as the current rampant mass violence in the United States. There are obvious similarities between the two situations. The second season was released on Friday, which is even more sad.
On August 2018, The Atlantic published an article,
In the era of mass shootings, security companies are booming.
That year, The Washington Post reported in an article \"metal detectors and X-
Every middle and high school in the region\'s traditional public school system now has metal detectors and X-ray detectorsray machines.
In many classrooms, it is common to practice locking and active shooting exercises, even for young students like preschool children.
For many students, like the role of the \"Delhi girl\", it is all they know;
Like these characters, I think we are all eager to live our daily lives --
Go to summer festivals, run errands on weekends, go out with friends-
Don\'t worry about our life. And yet.
The label became popular on Twitter last weekend.
Users wrote, \"it\'s hard to go anywhere without fear of getting shot, let\'s face it, and you can\'t even take your kids to Walmart without paranoia, \"When we feel uneasy about gun violence in the United States, it\'s hard to get ready to send my kids back to school and back to school to work.
\"Irony and humor\" website McSweeney
Shared an article from January 2018, \"I don\'t want to get difficult, but I really don\'t want to get shot. ”“[My friends]
Tell me everyone\'s shot now.
The person who goes to Bible study, the person who goes to work because life needs money, the second person who plays with building blocks
Kara Michelle Smith wrote.
\"My friend told me that this is actually very self-contained.
It\'s just to think I\'ll never be shot, so I might as well suck it up, go to a rock concert or high school and get hit.
The list of mass shootings in the United States in 2019 has its own Wikipedia page.
Gun violence files are a non-profit organization that tracks gun violence in the United States. S.
He said that as of Sunday, there were 33,028 shootings in 2019, killing 8,734 people and injuring 17,308.
This is a disgusting and frustrating reality.
At the launch of the Delhi girls Season 2, Irene pretended to be interviewed by the news show and said: \"For generations, we have known nothing but violence, except hatred.
But in the end we said enough.
\"Enough\": this is becoming more and more common after a violent tragedy in the United States, and for this reason, part of the \"Delhi girl\" goes deep into the American audience in an unexpected way.
Some hot shows explore events that may be too close to home and feel good now --
For example, some former fans find it difficult to continue watching the maid\'s story and its dystopian reproductive oppression, when someone else exits \"Orange is new black\" after a violent death in a character.
But as a work of a period, the \"Delhi girl\" does not have to stand up in the trauma of the current news cycle --
Its position in history is independent.
This is not only inspired by the resilience and optimism of the adolescent protagonist, but also by a tangible sense of hope, thanks to the audience\'s knowledge that Good Friday will be achieved, this particular tendency to violence has shaped this future. of-
At least, there is an end to the age story.
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