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use fake guns to test security, govt told

by:Kenwei      2019-09-01
A damn report on passenger screening shows that the airport should resume the practice of using fake guns to test its security system.
The government must ensure that all X
Ray machines and detectors of metal and explosive traces are the latest.
The audit of passenger safety inspections at domestic airports found that the minimum standards had been set, but there was no way for the government to ensure that the inspections were effective and that there was no way to ensure that the airports were complying with the rules.
It does not have meaningful passenger screening performance targets or enforcement strategies, nor does it allocate resources to areas with higher risk or non-
The Australian National Audit Office said compliance.
Use of copy gun in carry-on
On March 2014, luggage used to test the safety system was stopped due to gun licensing and work health and safety issues.
More than two years later, the project was still suspended, although the infrastructure department told auditors that other \"test pieces\" with the same amount of metal as the pistol were put into carry-on
Changed luggage.
The audit reports that if the testing of the system is to simulate realistic threat scenarios, the department needs to address these issues and start using fake guns as soon as possible.
The report said outdated safety equipment should have been replaced by the end of 2015, but nearly a year before that, the department decided not to continue to do so.
But after receiving the draft audit report in June, the department told the airport that they had to be on July 2017 and X-
The machine before July 2018.
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