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us workers see hard times

by:Kenwei      2019-09-18
Andre Brassard keeps sending resumes, but has largely given up his career of hiring him for ten years: writing software.
In his old department at Mindspeed Technologies Inc.
Most software engineers are gone.
The work done by Brassard and his colleagues is now basically done in Ukraine --quarter to one-third the cost.
\"What happened to me is irreversible,\" says Brassard . \".
\"It\'s not like the downturn 10 years ago.
Then it\'s a bad time.
\"In the next generation of high
Technology companies, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists have outsourced overseas jobs as part of their business plans from the start.
Perhaps, they ruthlessly see outsourcing as the latest innovation in an industry based on innovation.
\"When you think of employee 11, you should think of India,\" said Ravi Chiruvolu, general partner of Palo Alto franchise venture capital, California.
Companies that invest in emerging technology companies.
\"My point is that you shouldn\'t start your business again from scratch in the US.
\"Outsourcing has dramatically changed the way companies of all sizes distribute their employees, impacting the second-largest technology center like Boston after Silicon Valley.
People and companies are forced to adjust, usually painful, to fundamentally adjust the role of the United States in the global technology industry, A distinct division was established between the person who invented and sold the software and the person who actually wrote and maintained these computer programs.
White surprise-
Collar programmers who think they are immune, many of their jobs have become \"purring labor\" jobs exported to India, China, Russia and other countries, full of skilled but low-costIBM Corp. , Oracle Corp.
Microsoft. , EMC Corp.
And other high
Technology leaders have set up software design and maintenance centers in India, and many other big companies have handed over programming work to Indian consulting companies.
The Boston economy has undergone a tremendous transformation before.
1980 of the defense industry collapsed, 20.
The massive loss of textile jobs and the country\'s western expansion in the 1800 s left the region\'s farms uncompetitive.
Boston is living, innovating and finally thriving every time.
Economists disagree on what will happen this time and when.
Locally and nationally, it is now clear that the economy is growing rapidly, but employment growth is not.
Supporters of outsourcing said brilliant ideas to drive new companies will continue to emerge and win venture capital in the United States. Start-
Ups will still be listed in the US, hoping to win US customers and go public on Nasdaq.
But after the initial few employees created a technology and sales plan, the cost of preparing the technology for the market will force young companies to think globally.
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