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urea to be sold in 45-kg bag from this month

by:Kenwei      2019-09-15
New Delhi, March 5 ()
Urea is a highly subsidized fertilizer commonly used and will be used at 45-
Kg bag instead of 50-
From this month, the initiative aims to reduce the consumption of fertilizer and promote the balanced use of fertilizer. A 45-
A government notice said the KG urea bag would be sold for Rs 242, excluding taxes.
The price is determined by the government\'s fixed price of Rs 5,360 per ton.
The difference between the center\'s maximum retail price (MRP)
And production costs.
A senior fertilizer department official said it would allow fertilizer companies to sell 50-
Kg pack for the next two months.
The purpose is to reduce the consumption of urea and promote the balanced use of fertilizers.
Because urea is cheaper than other fertilizers, farmers are using the product widely, he said.
\"Normally, farmers use urea by calculating the number of bags per hectare of land.
When farmers were told to cut 50-
They don\'t listen.
Therefore, the government decided to promote the use of 45-
\"Kg packs are a trick to reduce consumption,\" he added . \".
Sale 45-according to notice-
Kg package will take effect on March 1, 2018.
The government also allowed dealers to sell urea in a smaller amount of no more than 25 kg.
Rs 1 is available for dealers.
Each packaging 2 kg urea 50 a Rs 2.
25 is 5 kg, Rs 3.
10 kg urea is 50 and 25 kg urea is 5 rupees.
The urea subsidy is about Rs 40,000 per year.
Since last year, China has produced more than 24 million tons of urea and imported about 6 million tons to meet domestic demand.
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