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update 2-port of miami bomb scare was false alarm

by:Kenwei      2019-08-30
Update all clear, no explosives found)
Jane Sutton, Miami, January 8Reuters)-
On Monday, a police team detonated a box of suspicious equipment in the Port of Miami, which was prepared for a cruise ship, but said it was a false alarm and no explosives were found.
The box is equipped with a fire sprinkler component with chemicals, and when it passes through a security scanner in Miami, an alarm is issued
Detective Robert Williams of Dade County police said.
\"There is a chemical similar to but not an explosive that is used on sprinkler components.
I don\'t think this machine can be distinguished, \"said Williams.
It was the second security scare at the port in two days.
In the incident on Monday, a test originally reported by the Coast Guard found C-4, a putty-
Like explosives used for demolition and military purposes on a box tray.
Jennifer Johnson, the Coast Guard sergeant, said the report was incorrect and \"they were absolutely relieved . \".
The box will be loaded on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship the majesty of the sea, a 2,744-
Cruise from Miami to the Bahamas and the Florida islands during the winter.
The bomb squad took the case to a remote area and detonated it as a precaution.
The boarding of the ship\'s passengers was delayed until the police gave all-
Resume normal operations at busy cruise and cargo ports.
Royal Caribbean said in a press release that it would screen all carry X-
There are also various methods such as shooting machines, metal detectors, sniffing dogs, etc.
On Sunday, police detained a truck driver and two passengers trying to enter the port without the correct identification. An anti-
The terrorism task force, composed of federal and local police agencies, received alerts, but investigators determined that neither the men nor their automotive electronics posed a threat.
The driver and his brother, including Iraqi nationals, as well as another passenger, a Lebanese citizen, were detained on suspicion of illegal trespassing and rejection of violent arrests.
But the charges were later dropped.
The police blamed the incident on \"poor communication\" between the driver and the Harbor Guard \". (
Supplementary report by Michael Christie)((
Editor David Wiesler;
Reuters News: Jane. sutton. reuters. com@reuters. net; e-mail: miami.
Editorial office of Reuters Newscom;
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