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u2 concert cancelled in sweden due to security breach

by:Kenwei      2019-09-09
New date . . .
Irish rock band U2 was forced to postpone his concert in Sweden due to security concerns.
Image: Alessandro Di Marco/ANSA via APSource: on Sunday night, the APA U2 concert at the Stockholm Globe Arena was canceled after a gunman was considered in the crowd, according to police and media reports.
The world\'s largest spherical Arena was evacuated and thousands of fans held outside for hours before the show ended. 15pm (4.
Fifteen o\'clock A. M. Monday morning)start time.
The promoter of the live broadcast country initially stated that the program was canceled due to technical problems, but the police then launched an investigation into \"violation of weapons laws. Scene . . .
A U2 concert at Globe Arena was canceled due to security threats.
Photo: panglundahl/TT News Agency via APSource: APAccording daily Aftonbladet, security guards have had one person enter the building with a weapon claiming to be aduty policeman.
\"I forgot to leave it at work,\" the newspaper quoted him as saying . \".
According to a statement from the police, the police and organizers decided to evacuate the arena for a \"search\" once they were alerted \".
The suspect\'s identity was still undetermined on Monday.
Police presence. .
Officials stand outside the Ericsson Global Arena in Stockholm, Sweden, where U2 will perform.
Picture: Pontus Lundahl/TT News Agency traveled through APSource: APFans, some of whom traveled from Norway and France and were not told until eleven o\'clock P. M. whether the music would be held.
\"We waited for three hours without knowing it.
Sophia Hartz told AFP that we were told that there was a problem with the metal detector, but everything would be resolved soon . \" She drove five hours from southern Sweden to see Bono and the band.
U2 said on its website that its \"journey to innocence 2015\" program was canceled due to \"security loopholes.
It has been rescheduled to Tuesday.
Tonight\'s performance in Stockholm was rescheduled to Tuesday.
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