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u.k. amateur finds massive treasure trove

by:Kenwei      2019-08-27
An amateur treasure hunt in Britain stumbled upon Britain\'s biggest treasure --
Found the treasures of the Saxons
Using metal detectors, 55-year-
Old Terry Herbert found silver, gold and precious stones in British villages.
The discovery is called the largest Britain.
Found the treasure of the Saxons.
A member of the UK metal testing Club is considered to have discovered the largest cache in the UK
According to British experts on Thursday, the remains of the Saxons were discovered.
At the beginning of July, 55-year-old Terry Herbert stumbled across a newly ploughed field with his metal detector in Stafford County, and found more than 1,345 gold and silver artifacts.
Experts say that when more artifacts are extracted from 56 mounds, the number of items may increase to 1,500.
Herbert told The Independent that historical relics are more interesting than winning prizes.
\"My friends in [Metal detection
The club always said that if there was a gold coin in the field, I would find it.
\"When they heard about it, I couldn\'t think what they were going to say,\" he said . \".
The discovery, known as the Staffordshire treasure, consists mainly of objects used in the war, including 84 saddles and 71 sword handles removed from swords and daggers, according to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.
No sword or dagger was found.
One expert said the treasures appeared to be a collection of war trophies.
At least two Christian crosses and one helmet were also found.
The weight of gold is about 11 pounds, many of which are engraved with biblical scriptures or decorated with garnet stones.
Michel Brown, a professor of medieval manuscript research, said that many artifacts have fonts dating back to the 7th or 8th centuries, and they are likely to be worth millions of dollars.
It is said that these relics are one of the most precious historical relics in Britain.
One expert said the wealth would revolutionize people\'s understanding of Britain.
The Saxons, a Germanic nation, ruled Britain from the 5th century until the Norman Conquest in 1066.
Leslie Webster, a former prehistoric and European division of the British Museum, said he expected the discovery to provide a new perspective for archaeologists, learn about a period of almost constant war in a clan\'s loyal kingdom.
\"It will change our view of Britain.
\"Webster said.
The discovery, he said, is equivalent to the discovery of a new lydis Farne sound book.
Refer to the famous manuscript produced at about the same time.
The exact location of the artifacts found has not yet been revealed, but experts say it is the heart of the UK
Saxon kingdom of Murcia
Items are stored at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.
Some of them will be on display on Friday.
Experts say the treasures are likely to be purchased by the British Museum.
The sale price between Herbert and the owner of the farm will be separated and they have not yet been determined.
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