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u’khand to cultivate onions on commercial scale | dehradun news - times of india

by:Kenwei      2019-08-19
Great results: Uttarakhand will promote the cultivation of onions this year.
The center chose one of the states that planted imported onion seeds in the north.
This onion can also be grown in winter.
Compared to onions native to India, these imported onions are less spicy and larger in size.
They will be sold in the market all year round.
According to data from 2012
In utalakhandd, the area of onion cultivation is about 3,940 hectares, with a registered output of 40,683 metric tons.
So far, farmers in the state have grown onions primarily for their own consumption, with only a few participating in commercial production.
Recently, Chief Minister Harish Rawat instructed officials from the Department of Horticulture and Food Processing to prepare a detailed project to facilitate the commercial planting of selected cluster onions in the state.
TOI learned that work to generate income and livelihoods through onions is nearing completion.
Speaking to TOI, BS Negi, director of the Northern gardening delegation, said, \"We have designated onions as clusters for commercial crop cultivation, as there is always a shortage of onions, especially from September to November, as long as there is rain for a long time.
We will create several innovative places in the production and marketing of onions to ensure that onions create good revenue for local people.
\"The Ministry of Agriculture took an initiative in 2014 --
15 promote long-day onion planting in Sanshan prefecture-
Hima achal state, Jammu Kashmir and Akamad North.
According to the plan, three varieties import 2,500 kg of long-day onion seeds --
The early Grano, the brown Spanish and the yellow earth
The Uttarakhand area is buried across 500 hectares.
According to the plan, as many as 5,917 farmers will benefit.
Experts predict that the output of the first round of planting will be 6,771 metric tons.
In June, the Ministry of Agriculture reviewed the progress of the programme in New Delhi, and Uttarakhand\'s performance was rated as \"best \".
GOI thanked Uttarakhand for his efforts and chose the country to produce seeds for \"long-day onion varieties --
The early gellano, the Brown Spain and the yellow earth and the countryowned VL Piaz-
3, developed by Almora Vivekanand Parvatiya Krishi Anusandhan Sansthan.
So now onions will grow in the state in all seasons.
So far, farmers in the state have grown onions primarily for their own consumption, with only a few participating in commercial production.
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