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two best bajaj bikes features in india

by:Kenwei      2019-09-16
The long wait for the price and features of Bajaj xcd150 is now over!
Bajaj has canceled the bike that looks very amazing on the market to attract the attention of Bajaj xcd12 5 young people.
The bike looks really neat and a great version
Up and up.
This is an ideal city for commuting at affordable prices.
The brand new Bajaj xcd125. it is an easy-to-control, pocket-friendly hybrid that is ideal for 125 cc motorcycles.
It was injected 4-
The trip is naturally 154 cold. 58 cc engine.
It produces a maximum power of 7.
01 @ 7000 BHP Billiton @ RPM, stir out 10.
85 @ 5000 Nm @ rpm.
In addition, the bike is made by 4-
Constant speed mesh drive and drum rear brake for mechanical expansion boots.
It is associated with a comfortable seat that provides comfortable driving.
The Bajaj xcd150 Integrates LED taillights and fluid grab track design.
The price of Bajaj xcd150 in India is near Rs. 32, 500.
It is easy to change gears, 4 front gears can be accelerated, and 4 rear gears can be slowed down.
Some other complementary features include the digital speedometer console, the folding number board head, the light with the Prism indicator light.
Bajaj Platina\'s price and function Bajaj Platina is another great invention of the company, which successfully created its own special position in the market.
There are two variations of the bike, such as Bajaj Platina 100cc and Bajaj Platina 12cc. The re-
The bikes launched by Bajaj Platina 125 have been covered with new cosmetics and power plants.
The bike is equipped with a 4 stroke with a displacement of 124, natural air cooling, spark ignition grinding. 6cc.
It produces a maximum power of 8.
At 5 PS at 7,000 rpm, a peak torque of 10 Nm is generated at 4,000 rpm.
It mate with five.
Speed transmission.
The Bajaj Platina 100cc bike comes with 99.
27 cc engine with 4 stroke and DTS-
Natural air cooling.
The powertrain of the machine is capable of generating a peak power of 8.
2 bhp at 7500 rpm and 8 rpm.
Maximum torque 5 Nm at 4500 rpm.
It is combined with a 4 speed transmission and is available at kick start.
In addition, the bike has very warm colors.
This is an ideal bike.
The price of Bajaj Platina in India is RS.
38,000 learn about the prices of other Bajaj bikes in India, visit the brand\'s official website for quality and related information.
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