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tsa tries to defuse pat-down controversy

by:Kenwei      2019-08-30
Since the Traffic Safety Administration introduced more intrusive measures, it has quickly become the country\'s most critical government agency.
On October, a shutdown procedure was carried out shortly after dozens of full-body scanners were installed at the National Airport.
TSA said the goal of these new security measures was to protect passengers, but strongly opposed it.
During pat, travelers slammed airport security
Downs threatened to resist the use of a full-body scanner.
Now TSA is trying to do some damage control by exposing widespread misconceptions about new security procedures.
According to a recent TSA blog post, passengers will only receive pat-
If they start the metal detector and opt out of the full body scan, it drops.
In fact, the United States Transportation Safety Administration said only 3% of travelers received pat-
Downs and those who received the Pat
To reduce discomfort, security officials at the same level deal with the decline.
At the same time, TSA stressed that everyone was hit the same way
Regardless of gender or religion, it is a downward process.
\"No one is exempt.
Everyone is screened the same way.
TSA is sensitive to religious and cultural needs, but everyone has to be effectively screened, \"the agency said in a blog post.
As for the full body scan, TSA highlighted a number of studies that showed that they did not emit enough radiation, as some feared, to be harmful to passengers.
The agency also countered that the scanners stored images of passengers as \"completely wrong \".
\"TSA\'s machines should not be confused with recent stories about the United States. S.
The agency wrote and noted an incident earlier this year.
\"The machines used by TSA at our airport cannot store, print or transmit images.
They have no such ability at all.
Of course, more than one blog post is needed to resolve disputes over these new security measures.
If TSA\'s list of facts and myths is evidence of anything, it is that the level of public fear is out of control.
As far as the last point on its list is concerned, TSA tried to counter radio host Meg McLean\'s claim that she refused to be handcuffed to her chair after passing the full body scanner.
TSA provides full video of so-
The events convened to refute this claim.
Still, if nothing else, this list provides a useful guide for travelers to read something good while the platoon is waiting to pass security, these new precautions may only extend the time. —
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