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time to be heard: glenn beck\'s special on black conservatives in america

by:Kenwei      2019-09-09
On Monday, November 16, 2009, this is a rush copy of \"Glen Baker\" on November 13, 2009.
This copy may not be in final form and may be updated.
Host Glenn Baker: America, you will-
You will see something tonight that I think you don\'t see very often on TV, and I think the media think it doesn\'t exist.
They do exist and it\'s time for them to be heard. (MUSIC)
Baker: Oh, it\'s so cool.
I have never seen it before! Hello, America.
We have a special moment tonight.
\"When I spoke to my friend Charles Payne, the idea of this project actually came up.
He was on my show, when was the first time you told me the story of the briefcase?
Charles Payne, Fox Business writer: I told you about a month and a half ago.
Baker: about a month and a half. PAYNE: Yes.
Baker: he cried like a baby on my show. (LAUGHTER)
This is my show, man!
So I asked Charles to take me where he grew up in New York.
He showed me a block in Harlem where he used to live, another block where Africans lived --
In the past, American children beat him because he spoke vernacular and wanted a briefcase, because he always wanted to be a businessman or dressed in beautiful clothes.
Charles shared his story with me and I wanted to show you a little bit. (Start Video)
Baker: It\'s not the same as when you grew up?
Penn: Oh, of course. Just —
There are only trees, grass, and some beautifying things they are doing now.
This is an empty space for at least ten years. We have been throwing stones all the time.
Baker: You said we passed the building.
You say it\'s true, what it feels like.
You were more like this when you lived here.
Penn: Yes, you have a building like this, two or three each block, or just-
You have a lot of things that are empty and haven\'t been there for a long time. BECK: And you —
You live in that building.
When you first moved to Harlem, you lived in that building. One room. PAYNE: Yes.
It\'s me, my mom, my two brothers.
We stayed in a room. Baker: you are-
How old were you when you lived here?
Penn: I think we were here when I was 12. 12 or 13. BECK: Twelve.
You want to be a businessman.
You always wanted-
Just like I came, I was just wearing a shirt and a jersey.
You wanted to wear it when you were a child?
Penn: since I was a child, I wanted to be a businessman.
Baker: from there you move all the way down
How many rooms does your family have here?
We have two rooms.
My mom has a room and I share a room with my brothers.
Baker: it\'s in the air.
On the air conditioner?
Penn: Yes, on the fourth floor.
Baker: That\'s 12-year-
Old Charles Payne is right.
Penn: look out the window and listen to the old song
Do you know there is an old Japanese radio?
But, for example, the building is like, oh man, it\'s really tough.
There is no lock in our building.
There will be someone whenever you walk into the room, possibly a whino, and occasionally an addict.
So, you have to go over that person and go up the four or five stairs.
And, you know, yes-
This is obviously shocking, just a cultural shock.
You know, we had a lot of fights at this school.
But for sure, it\'s hard because there\'s a very strange thing like, you know, if you talk in some way, you try to be white, or act White --
Oh, we had a lot of trouble with our clothes because we were wearing the wrong clothes.
Baker: you have a briefcase. PAYNE: Right.
Baker: What happened?
Penn: Well, I bought it for Christmas.
I was happy when I got it.
Then the best thing is that I got a share of the gift.
When I open it, there is also a calculator inside.
So, to say the least, it\'s a great Christmas for me.
You know, I will walk to school one day.
You know, I left it in my classroom.
This is a plastic briefcase with a cheap lock.
I\'m back. It\'s cracked. And it just —
It surprised me because my mother worked too hard. I worked hard.
As soon as we got here, I started working.
We have nothing, Glen.
There is a shop around the corner.
This is my first job. When I didn\'t —
When I don\'t have the money to need more money, just in this corner, I will buy paper towels, Windex and clean windshields, whatever they give me when people stop
I packed my bags.
I will buy a shovel in winter, go to the store and go to the store, you know, hey, can I shovel your snow?
Whatever it took-
Because I\'m the boss.
So, I was pushed into a sense of responsibility.
Baker: where did you go to college?
Penn: Mino State University in North Dakota and college in central Texas.
I went to college through the air force.
You know, if you don\'t take part in professional sports, it\'s one of the only ways you can get out of here, or at least it\'s one of the only ways I think you can get out of here.
I think this is a big problem in many black communities right now, the idea is limited and you can only get rid of it by rap or being a professional athlete, you know, no one has really talked about things through academics and such.
Did you vote for Obama? PAYNE: I did. BECK: Why? PAYNE: I did —I was torn.
I voted for him, and then I voted for all the Republicans. I was torn —
I do this out of a sense of responsibility to Rosa Parks, Medgar Evers, Martin Luther King, the people my family has come from Alabama.
I was disappointed in many ways.
I must be honest with you.
The president got free passes for a lot of things in the black community.
Where is the job?
What are you doing for little people?
We should have a stream. up economy.
I remember these words very well. Baker: So do I.
Penn: trickle down.
When you give billions of dollars to AIG and billions of dollars to Goldman Sachs, you won\'t trickle drop.
You won\'t take your time from there.
Baker: So, we-
What do we do?
Penn: Well, look, I just want the kids
You know, because it\'s always about young people.
Somehow the children will be able to look around and say, \"Look, this is the guy that President Obama created, and I want to follow in his footsteps and use his footprints.
He succeeded through education.
He\'s a great speaker.
He is well educated.
How to turn it all around in the end for me. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Charles, I\'m-
Not only am I confused about your life experience as an African
American kid, you know, you\'re beaten because you want to surpass others. I think this —
We open our hearts to everyone here.
I think this is happening throughout the United States, where we are now told that you cannot succeed and that there must be someone there to help balance everything.
I think we are moving into very dangerous areas.
Payne: I have to agree 1,000.
Do you know when you look at the children\'s role models, no matter what the color is?
That\'s the information, you know?
It\'s almost like you\'re a fool and you have a better chance of getting a reality show or signing a record contract. (LAUGHTER)
Baker: Wait a minute. Hang on.
This is not friendly to me!
I have my own show. (LAUGHTER)
Baker: America, it works for me! Come on in!
Penn: But seriously, if Americans are not afraid right now, they will bury their heads in the sand.
The real sad problem is that all of these influences, all of these pop culture influences
They have a much greater impact on their children than their parents.
So, you can imagine if it\'s a single parent trying to pay the rent, but you know, it\'s a reality. And that —
That is why the United States is now on a very dangerous slope. BECK: Let me —
Who thinks we are going to socialism?
Woman: Oh, of course. BECK: OK.
Where do you think we are?
Yes, we are. BECK: OK.
What I want to understand is
What I want to know is that if the government plays dad, that\'s what\'s going on, and the government plays dad, he\'s going to make everything completely equal.
If I am a father, I have two brothers, for example, a success, an unsuccessful, I teach the brother who is unsuccessful and does not try, for whatever reason, dad just wants to get a balance from the good-behaved brothers and then go ahead and give it to the other brother, and at some point neither of them gives up?
They\'re not all just-
Because someone would say, \"Why am I trying so hard, you just gave it to him?
\"The other one does not need to work.
Radio talk show host Lisa fridges: I think we\'re fighting for our personal rights.
What socialism is doing is killing the individual\'s spirit, your dream right, your right to say \"Who am I\", your briefcase and collective right, black people are always melting together, considered single.
So now, the challenge we face is to speak out loud and say, \"I\'m going to fight for my right to have my briefcase.
I want to fight for my right to be a cook.
I don\'t want to be a rapper.
I don\'t want to be a football player.
My dream may be to become a painter. \" And we.
Penn: By the way, there are more millionaire chefs than millionaire rappers.
To be precise, we must encourage this. BECK: Really? PAYNE: Yes. BECK: Wow.
Morris, you voted for Obama.
Bartender Maurice Schroeder: Yes.
But you think we are moving towards socialism. . .
In some ways. BECK: OK.
Fridges: Am I the only one who hasn\'t voted for Barack Obama? (LAUGHTER)
How does this happen? OK.
Do you know? I have to say —
I have to say, I\'m reading.
I don\'t know if anyone has read the book The Prophet of America.
\"Have you read this?
It\'s actually about Moses.
That\'s great.
I haven\'t finished it yet.
But I just-
I don\'t even know where it is.
It is about the middle of the road. It is about the underground railway.
I want to tell you Americans. the African-
The experience of the United States is overwhelming, but overwhelming. I think if
If the characters are swapped, I see the first white man to be president, and even if I don\'t agree with him, I may --
Unless I think he\'s.
Oh my God, I will
I might say, \"You know, I want that guy to win, just-
Let\'s break this obstacle.
\"I think there is something to say about it.
But Glen. BECK: Whoa!
Schroeder: Sorry.
Baker: Obviously not.
I didn\'t vote for Obama just because he was an African. American. BECK: Sure.
SHERROD: I voted for Barack Obama because I think he\'s the best candidate and the issue he\'s dealing with is change.
You know, that\'s what I thought. (LAUGHTER)
We know! We got change!
SHERROD: I think he\'s the best person in the country. BECK: OK. SHERROD: Yes. (CROSSTALK)
Baker: I have to tell you, to be honest.
Fridges: I feel that we have gone beyond that rich history and everything we have experienced, the struggles we have overcome, and the values our ancestors set for us, the conservative values, I cannot allow myself to vote for him for this reason. (APPLAUSE)
Fridges: I don\'t think he should represent me. I was taught to be-I was —I was waffling.
But when the Jeremiah Wright thing came out, that wasn\'t who I was, I felt like I had passed the role I had to play, you know, \"Oh, I did this because he was black and he looked good and he went to Harvard with his wife.
\"I don\'t like this.
I think, you know, you have to stand up, you have to represent the way we are --
We want you to do that.
You must reach our level.
Baker: how many people are there here?
How many people here think they are Africans? Americans? OK, why?
Unidentified men: can be exchanged.
Unidentified woman: black, black.
Wait, wait.
No, why not admit that you are an American? (CROSSTALK)
You can\'t get away when people look at you and say \"you\'re black. BECK: Yes.
But I don\'t think I\'m a white or a white American.
But look at you. I mean, you have-
We are black.
I don\'t mind being black.
I like black people. I embrace that. BECK: No, no. But. . .
Fridges: because I was born here, I don\'t like the African part here.
My grandparents were born here.
We\'re here, of course.
Thank God, we are here.
Thank God, we have arrived here, we have won here, we have overcome the difficulties here.
But I don\'t think I\'m African.
Will Brown, the Republican Community Alliance of New York State: This is a revolution from New York. word. So, yes —
I mean, if we\'re called something, not what we\'re called, I prefer Africa-American. (CROSSTALK)
Baker: this is one of the problems I have.
As a white man, I have to tell you
As a white man
I\'m just honest with you.
As a white man, white people sometimes feel uncomfortable saying, you know, Martin Luther King, and then quote Martin Luther King, because it\'s like society would say, \"No, that\'s our man, not yours.
\"This should not be the case. (CROSSTALK)
Baker: So, isn\'t Martin Luther King\'s dream that we all judge by our own character?
Jerome Hudson, retail consultant: The fundamental problem in the United States, the content of our character.
I mean, what God has given us to unite us is what separates us.
This is race and part of socialism.
I mean, the reason why America is great, God bless it, is because of its value --
There is an elite system.
You can\'t see affirmative action in sports.
You can\'t see affirmative action in football and basketball. But. . . (CROSSTALK)BECK: Go ahead.
Mychal massie, PROJECT 21: understand what my colleague mentioned just now, and of course, like Lisa, what we have in the United States is a person who integrates as a whole and should be connected together.
Fundamentally, as an American.
When we add hyphen to it, no matter-
Of course, Abby Thurston, I applaud her. She is a great scholar, but I don\'t agree.
We are Americans, it is perfectly OK to change one with your color, or you are black, or you are this, I am American.
I didn\'t wear black when I walked into the studio.
I didn\'t walk in like an African.
I walked in as Michael Marcy, president of Project 21 of the United States. (APPLAUSE)
Now, I mean, it\'s not.
It made me feel comfortable in my heart.
I owe nothing but myself.
Did I get up and work today? Did I —did I add to —
What did I do to my community?
Have I done something to enhance my work
Wisdom and so on? (CROSSTALK)
FRITSCH: white Americans say they don\'t say I\'m Chinese, I\'m French American, I\'m German. (CROSSTALK)
Baker: please continue.
Please continue.
Khalid Thomas, room service attendant: But do you know?
I want to get the whole Ballack done.
Many voted for Barack.
I don\'t think they will vote for him because he is black.
First of all, he has to be a Democrat because once you become conservative, you are no longer black and we all know what\'s going on. So, I think. . . (CROSSTALK)
Wait, I\'ll be back.
I\'m coming back to you.
First of all, how many people are here-
You don\'t necessarily want to be seen on this show, Fox News or conservative TV.
I mean, how many people are here?
By raising your hand
I \'ve experienced things like \"I\'m a seller of my race. . . (CROSSTALK)BECK: OK. So, back to —
So, back to Khalid. Back to Khalid.
Khalid, continue. Go ahead.
Thomas: No, I was going to say that.
This is the problem.
Ken Blackwell ran for governor of Ohio.
He did not receive any support.
Because he\'s Reagan\'s conservative.
He went to the wrong party.
So, a lot of people, it\'s not about race.
When Democrats run for Trump, a lot of Africa-American votes.
Baker: Yes, here. (INAUDIBLE)
Richard Fair, an expert in government affairs: That\'s why we actually lost.
Personally, the reason I\'m here, you know, is not disrespect, sir.
Massie, but when people say \"Oh, I\'m not a race issue\", what color are you when you have to deal with the police?
I mean, actually, things happen. (APPLAUSE)
Fair: So, personally, when I came --
Brother, you know, I\'m not going to argue with you, but personally, the reason I\'m here is that I want to change the image of what black and Conservative actually mean. I think —
I think a lot of times what we do as a team
I like everyone here because we have to work hard.
I\'m a conservative. What I —
What I hate is that I see everyone go, \"Obama is nothing,\" and then they go --
It\'s like playing the victim card and they say, \"Here\'s my book.
Almost like-that\'s the mob. So.
Baker: Wait a minute.
I don\'t understand what you\'re talking about.
What do you mean?
No, what do I think? I think —
I\'m not trying to disappoint the brothers in the group, but for me it\'s like you\'re playing victim cards and I think people are hitting you because they think you\'re weak. (CROSSTALK)FRITSCH: No.
They hit him, not because he\'s a black kid. There\'s a small case! (CROSSTALK)Baker: Okay.
Court order here.
Payne: The Brothers of the panel must say something about it.
I was never weak. (CROSSTALK)PAYNE: No, no.
You look a little white. PAYNE: No, no.
They think I\'m different, okay?
This is not a question of weakness.
It\'s just me and my brothers, maybe only 20 or 30 people, that\'s a problem.
The main point, however, is that this is not isolated.
The black community has a serious problem in keeping it real, if you are speaking the right English, you will have problems, and if you are saying the right thing, you will have problems. (APPLAUSE)
Penn: I\'ll tell you right now, my man, no, I\'ll tell you something right now.
Let me tell you one thing.
If we lie to it all the time, it will never change, will it? (APPLAUSE)
Baker: Wait a minute. Hang on. Hang on. Hang on.
I don\'t think I-
I don\'t think I\'m with Americans.
I think I\'m in Parliament! (LAUGHTER)
Baker: We\'ll be back in a minute. (LAUGHTER)BECK: Hang on. Hang on.
We will be back in a minute. (APPLAUSE)(
Business break)(APPLAUSE)
Baker: I want you to know that none of these people actually exist.
That\'s what the media will convince you, African conservatives --American. Some are —
Are there any Democrats here? Are there any?
Man: Yes. BECK: Maurice. Maurice.
Sherrod: That\'s right.
Baker: What\'s the last name, pastor?
What\'s your name?
Bishop Harry Jackson, who wants the Christian Church: Harry Jackson.
How are you, Harry Jackson?
You\'re a Democrat. JACKSON: Right.
I am a registered Democrat in a democratic state.
If you want an important vote, it will be in the primary.
But I am a conservative based on my Christian beliefs. BECK: OK.
Jackson: I think our social problems today are most in line with Christianity, that is, the conservative attitude towards the world.
I like the idea that they are the principles that you should guide yourself, and I believe that the value of the individual is essentially the value of Christianity. BECK: Yes.
A conservative Republican.
The only thing black people can do is
The reason to win is because the Republican values are directly linked to Christianity.
If we were liberals during the civil rights movement, no one would do anything. BECK: Right. (CROSSTALK)
Oh, what are you going to do?
Baker: So, wait. I want to —
I want to play-
I want to play some tapes, and then I just want to ask you guys where-watch this —
Look at this, read this, listen carefully.
This is from Detroit.
Tell me where it came from because I don\'t even admit that attitude. Play this. (
Detroit WJR radio starts audio editing)
Host: What are you doing here?
Woman: to get some money.
Host: What kind of money?
Woman: Obama\'s money.
Host: where did it come from?
Woman: Obama.
Host: where did Obama get it?
I don\'t know what he\'s hiding. I don\'t know.
I don\'t know where he got it, but he gave it to us to help us. We love him!
That\'s why we voted for him! Obama! Obama! (END AUDIO CLIP)
Baker: I mean, it\'s free. free money.
Where is this attitude?
How did you go?
Kevin Jackson, author of the big black lie: Well, it\'s been integrated into our lives over the years.
I think education is probably the biggest piece of it. You\'re —
We\'re stuck in school, stuck in these bad communities, kids walking through metal detectors, learn about gun battles and gangs
You know, sex, dancing and the like, not really focusing on education.
If they go back, start looking-
What is our core?
I mean, when I grow up, my family emphasizes education.
They stressed why we voted for Democrats and so on. I think education is the word.
Deneen borelli, Project 21 researcher: One more thing. (CROSSTALK)BECK: Hang on. Hang on. Hang on.
BORELLI: One more thing, because when I saw it a few weeks ago, mine, you know, as you said, my head would explode.
But it is very unfortunate that this is happening in many urban communities.
We have a president at the White House who is pushing plantation politics.
That\'s what I said.
You will have more of this happening, with people standing around waiting for help.
These people are waiting for money to pay for their utilities. BECK: Yes.
I think this is-
Don\'t get me wrong. BORELLI: Right.
Baker: I don\'t think
I think this is a
This is in the city center.
Wait a minute.
I think it\'s in the city center but I don\'t think it\'s a black issue.
This is a question of black and white.
This will happen all over the country.
Unidentified male: American.
These policies that Obama is pursuing, which I call plantation politics.
He\'s pushing his hat-and-
Trade, for example, is an energy tax.
These people are waiting in line for the money to pay the bill.
He said, \"Energy prices will soar in my hat --and-trade plan.
\"Now, how does this help anyone?
What does this help the economy?
Brandon Burris, Republican strategist: First of all, my name is Brandon Burris, and I\'ll tell you what\'s going on with this.
I\'m the community organizer in Harlem and actually I\'m Motown in Detroit.
The problem is, we have to get into the community.
This is a grassroots problem. We\'ve got to —
We have to talk about this with these low-income average Americans.
Income community, moving forward, what cap do we have to breakand-trade means.
Most Americans don\'t understand what a hat is. and-trade means.
They understand that their energy bills or heating bills will go up, which is a direct problem. . .
But wait a minute. BRICE: . . .
American Community
Baker: Wait a minute.
But in the lower
Income community with a complete project within the capand-
You will receive a subsidized Trade Act.
Man: Yes.
Baker: that\'s okay.
You will get it for free. (CROSSTALK)
Men of unknown identity: the average person does not understand.
Alexander Danian, boss of financial services: I think, for me, I was against Barack Obama from the very beginning, and the reason I still opposed him is because: My mom is a Soviet, I was born in the Soviet Union.
My grandfather is a lifelong member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
My grandfather\'s policy.
God bless his soul.
Exactly the same policy as Barack Obama.
I can\'t come to America where I can be anyone I want to be, all I have to do is try and get a guy running for the White House, who is he now
Who is in the White House now, who says, \"Look, all you have to do is sit down and relax and we will redistribute your wealth.
\"That\'s nonsense!
I mean, people who want it need to move to France, Cuba, anywhere --not here! BECK: Right.
Right here, Madam. You —
Sorry, I can\'t see your name from here.
Xia Clarke Jones, admissions office, New York University Law School: Xia Clarke. BECK: Shakera. How are you? Jones: I\'m fine. Thank you.
My name is Shakra.
I grew up in the Bronx.
So, I want to talk about where this mentality came from, and then how it is linked to socialism.
Everyone gets help.
The bank has no money.
Obama went into his warehouse and they have money now.
So it\'s easy to see for someone-
He helped the bank when it went bankrupt.
I\'m broke. He will help me.
This is the source of this thought.
So it\'s an embarrassment to really think so. (CROSSTALK)
Baker: So how do you break this cycle? (CROSSTALK)
JONES: That\'s from-
This is the way to socialize. that the idea .
Jackson: these policies are racist. JONES: . . .
The government made it happen.
Where did they make money? (CROSSTALK)
It\'s here when people need it.
Baker: Wait a minute.
What did you just do?
What did you say?
I say these policies are racist. (CROSSTALK)
Woman: Thank you. Thank you.
Wait, wait.
Wait a minute. Slow down. Slow down. Go ahead.
We must expose the evil agenda of liberalism.
It is corrupting the black community.
I thought it was good before-
Good faith but misleading.
When you read a statistic that shows that 90% of black children will receive food vouchers at some stage of their lives, the free platform supports this, however, reject and oppose the idea of giving black children vouchers to better schools. BECK: Yes. FRITSCH: . . .
Free yourself from that cycle, how can you. . . (APPLAUSE)
Baker: OK, wait. Hang on. Hang on.
How can you not be conservative?
When closer
The more we expose the evil and cruelty of liberalism, the more people begin to wake up. BECK: OK.
This woman is a slave. BECK: Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. We\'ll be —
We will be back in a minute. (APPLAUSE)(
Business break)BECK: I am —
You know, people make fun of me and I say I care about my country and I care about where we are going.
You know, I was always worried when George Bush was in power.
Our spending is out of control and we are teaching people free stuff everywhere.
One thing I can\'t see or see --
I think it\'s because of the way I grew up.
I don\'t understand.
My grandfather, I believe, was educated in the second grade.
He is a mechanic and works for Boeing.
He\'s his-
He couldn\'t understand the plans when they were in trouble.
But they will explain to him, to be exact, \"Ed, that\'s the problem we\'re facing.
We have to do this.
\"He did it.
I was taught that I was raised and you could do anything.
You can do it.
You can do anything, and I can.
Now, I don\'t understand.
We don\'t seem to teach anymore in any community, \"you can do it.
\"Gordon, do you agree or disagree?
Mayor Gordon JenkinsR)
Well, I agree with you.
I was elected mayor of Monticello, New York.
I don\'t like to hear that I\'m a black mayor, just like some people say Barack is a black president.
What I want to say is that I am a qualified mayor, not a black mayor.
I have been getting it in my village.
Say the president is-
People voted for Barack because he was black.
I don\'t agree with that.
I\'m a Republican.
I think he is a better candidate.
I think he has better eyesight and that\'s why I went with Ballack.
Baker: Wait a minute. Hang on! Hang on! Hang on!
I\'m taking the chance-this really —if you are —hang on! Glen JenkinsBECK: Hang on!
If you are a bunch of conservatives, if you think John McCain is a lovely Jesus in heaven, you are lying to me. (CROSSTALK)All right. Go ahead.
Jenkins: I think McCain is the same as George Bush.
I think Barack has a better vision.
I mean, I just. . .
I just don\'t want-
Baker: Do you agree?
I think, you know, as a mayor
I was elected two years ago and now I am in the same position as Barack.
Do you know?
I have been in the office since the first day I took office, just like the president.
You know, you know, he\'s only been there for a year. (CROSSTALK)
Baker: Don\'t give me that.
Don\'t give this person-
This person has nothing to achieve, I will not hear.
He has made many achievements.
Jenkins: he\'s only been there for a year to see what he\'s facing.
Deficit and budget-
Woman: It\'s out of control. (CROSSTALK)BECK: OK. Hold on! Hold on!
America, you don\'t need me anymore.
Then I will let them go. (
Business break)Baker: Okay.
We were talking the last time we left the audience.
I\'m sorry. The one who said Bush was spending.
Yes, Gordon.
Come on, Gordon.
This is the case.
That\'s why I don\'t agree with McCain.
Not Republicans, not Democrats.
They are progressive.
Unidentified men: they are.
Baker: they\'re all here.
Both of our parties have been forgotten.
We have Marxism and Marxism.
Light or progressive light.
Lenny mcalist, author of the crazy Black PYC Diary: that\'s what people miss about the Tea Party movement.
They think it started with Obama. It did not.
They have seen this in the last 10 years.
Even if you\'re back in Africa-
The American community slides to the left, which has been going on for 40 or 50 years.
So now, you\'re dealing with a generation-by-generation event where people now have to re-educate themselves what exactly Americanism is.
Baker: how many people are now paying more attention to the establishment of our country than ever before, and really focusing on and practicing the soul --
This is who we are? Go ahead.
James Daphne, financial analyst
Baker, I just wanted to review Barack Obama\'s first year record. BECK: OK.
He is a pragmatic moderate.
I can understand his charm.
You know, the boredom of the Bush era is selling people to some extent. BECK: Yes.
Dafman: I think his race does also have to do with the fact that people want to see Martin Luther King\'s dream come true. BECK: Yes.
In the past year, we have passed an economic stimulus bill.
$800 billion passed and robbed the Treasury. We have —
Our deficit is expected to reach $9 trillion over the next decade, which completely erased everything from George W.
Bush had dreamed of it. BECK: Yes. But it\'s not —
But similarly, John McCain will choose to cap and trade.
John McCain will become the World Health Care Agency, Amnesty International
It\'s the same thing. So it\'s not —DAVERMANN: (UNINTELLIGIBLE)
His pace is much slower and he will listen to the party\'s conservatives.
Yes, but this is mine.
Wait a minute.
You said he \'d listen to the conservative grassroots. When?
When did the Republican Party have-
Are you a member of the Tea Party?
How many people attend the Tea Party? OK. All right.
Do you know?
I have to tell you one thing.
Tea Party movement
You have Republicans saying, \"You know, you\'re out of control.
You\'re going to ruin this party.
\"Well, you know what?
It could be a party. both, plural —
Need to be destroyed or at least reset. (
Cheers and applause)
Unidentified woman: Glenn, thank you.
Look at my city in Charlotte, North Carolina.
In fact, you have tea party and organizer.
The big candidate ran all the way to the general election.
You find that the Tea Party movement has a greater influence there.
They can no longer discount as they did on April or 3.
Remember, this should be a phenomenon that happened in April 1.
On Saturday, I will have another party in Raleigh, North Carolina.
This will be an ongoing process before changes occur.
Baker: he found something. He\'s got to -
Gordon, you\'re a politician.
He has a red tie and blue trousers.
He\'s going to be a politician, isn\'t he?
Robin Martin, accountant: Yes.
I want to talk to the mayor there. I forgot —
Jenkins: Monticello.
Martin: You said you didn\'t like being identified as a black mayor, I can understand.
But to say that people don\'t
You have a problem with people calling Barack Obama a black president.
Well, if every time any valid criticism of Barack Obama is directed at him, people don\'t automatically --
Instead of talking about what is being said, they automatically take defensive measures in any reasonable criticism of Barack Obama because he is black and essentially racist.
So he\'s just a president, not just a black president.
He is a black president and is protected and defended by the black community.
We\'re not listening (UNINTELLIGIBLE).
We\'re all elected. white, black —
Barack and I
We are not just black people.
On behalf of all of us, we should be respected.
Obama wants to redistribute the wealth of the country.
Barack Obama says he wants one.
Health Plan for payerHe said that. He also -
This is a national medical plan.
But if you go to Joe near my house
In my old neighborhood.
You will know that among my old neighbors, someone would say that Barack Obama wants to take away our personal freedoms, or that Congress is taking away our personal freedoms, our rights to the body, it is not true to use this plan to make our own decisions with our own bodies.
You were just brainwashed by Glenn Baker.
You know, they\'re just against Obama because he\'s black.
They just don\'t want to see the black president succeed. (CROSSTALK)
Radio talk show host Lisa fridges: Glenn Baker has said before that people don\'t study who we are and how the country is built.
The only way we can stop this in the black community is until we know who we are and where we really come from, and that\'s-
Baker: Lisa, wait.
I have to take a break.
But let me say that before we take a break.
I think this is America.
I think this is Africa.
Conservative parties in the United States ordinary old conservatives have a lot of influence.
If you are a conservative, you will be charged with starving children and making sure that no one is educated, you just hate all the people who cross the border illegally because they are not the same as you, etc.
So as a conservative you
I don\'t think the Liberals really understand that.
As a conservative, we are people, so you say these things, we go home at night, go, my God, that\'s what I mean, no.
What you have to do is soul. searching.
Are you very conservative and want to starve to death?
You and the Conservatives, we have souls. searched.
The only way for America to survive is to ask yourself tough questions, you know who you are, you know what you believe.
But because we are in a political nightmare and no one is telling the truth, we have not had an honest argument or conversation about what is real.
Martin: politically correct.
In fact, Africa as a whole
American business is politically correct.
I don\'t believe it, sir. Beck —
You can call me Glenn.
Okay, Glen.
I don\'t believe that when you talk to your family on the phone, you say --
Or when you talk to your wife, you say, \"I\'m talking about the black man over there.
You wouldn\'t say I was talking about the African. American guy. \"BECK: No, no.
Martin: You don\'t know, do you? BECK: No.
This is politically correct.
Baker: you mean me.
I mean, but you don\'t think I\'m German. American.
Martin: the German. American —
It\'s so silly. It really is.
But Americans should have passed this step.
We should be the melting pot.
We are not afraid not to use adjectives only as adjectives, nor to use them as slander or as descriptions. BECK: OK.
McAlester: that\'s what we\'re going to do.
Baker: Come back soon. (
Business break)Baker: Okay.
I mean, we can.
Will you come back?
Because this is
We can do 400 performances here.
Angel, I want to start with you.
Freedom Movement, Angel Robinson: OK.
I think that as conservatives and libertarians, there is no government.
Anyone who believes in freedom, one of them --BECK: Anarchy —
I think it\'s a bit more.
Robinson: Well, no. It depends.
What we believe is-
Or we all think you have the right to own your property.
Property and your body, no one has the right to tell you how to use the property and your labor and how (UNINTELLIGIBLE)as well. BECK: Sure.
Robinson: So one of the things we need to focus on is to make all our arguments at this point, not that we don\'t care about the poor because we care about the poor.
We recognize that giving people the right to property is their way forward. The whole-
What we have now is the continuation of the premise of slavery, which is the premise of slavery.
Everyone is talking about violence, which is something people feel uneasy about.
This is the ugly flower coming out of the seed.
The seed is planted, that is, you don\'t have yourself. BECK: David? DAVID WEBB, CO-
Founder of Tea Party 365: I like to keep some simple basic truths.
Let\'s start with what everyone has been talking about.
Only one game. human.
After that, you put everything together. I co-
The New York tea party organization Black Republican Forum was established.
I\'m called a red neck racist, tea. bagger.
I was attacked a few weeks ago by garrofalo.
Do you know what I said to them?
I will respond when you bring me something that really makes sense.
No one defines me except me.
Back to your freedom, if no one can define me but me, you can never take it away.
Glen, that\'s what you said.
We have more than them.
The fact that we surround them is that we have to act on it.
But we have to do it honestly, because I \'ve also heard a lot of clichés about the left and right arguments in this audience, not about the real truth behind the arguments. BECK: Barbara?
Barbara Summers, a former real estate agent: OK.
Well, I want to talk about what the pastor is talking about, about our children.
Our children are going astray.
You know, the child is nursing the parents, not the other way around.
Also, they will leave the Bible, you know.
I raise my child in the way of the Bible.
Children should be seen, you know, not heard.
Spoil a child with a stick.
Respect the elders.
You know, it will be long to honor your mother and father.
This is not the case now.
All the kids have to do is put it down like hot.
The most important thing is
Other things.
They need to study the Constitution.
They need to be taught knowledge about the Bill of Rights.
They know every song and every Xbox takes it out.
They know nothing about our history, where we came from, where we are going.
Because it has been saying that we want to grow up from slavery.
Baker: Come back soon. (
Business break)
Baker: we can do four shows. I hope you will come back.
Because we can really stay here for hours.
Robert, your last thoughts.
Robert Brodes, computer programmer: Yes, Glen.
You talked about Obama\'s money before.
The problem is that income tax is at the heart of the problem.
Income tax allows the government to adopt nepotism and cronyism and spread wealth around.
This is the source of communism.
It goes back to the progressive movement you \'ve been talking about on the show.
We have to give a little bit and abolish the income tax. BECK: Jibreel.
Student jibreel riley: Liberal outside, simple, direct and clear, no utopia.
But there is socialism in the United States.
You wake up every day, and when we wake up in America, we thank God that you are American because you go to places like Detroit, Michigan, or Gary, Indiana, and even cross to New Jersey, you will see what liberalism has done. (CROSSTALK)
Beck: I just wanted you to know, New Jersey and Detroit, and all that --
They are in America.
Rafik, go ahead.
Rafiq jennings, data expert: I wouldn\'t be who I am now if it wasn\'t for conservatism.
I have gone a long way.
I am Democratic, Republican and conservative.
Being conservative is freedom and freedom. My soul is breathing.
God bless --OK.
God bless you guys.
Thank you for coming.
Good night from New York, USA.
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