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these are the airlines with the highest baggage charges

by:Kenwei      2019-09-16
Nothing is worse than showing up at the airport with a hand luggage bag because it does not meet the size requirements and is charged an unexpected fee.
If this has happened to you before, you may notice that the cost of checked baggage per supplier varies greatly --
Some are even more expensive than the flight itself.
But which company is the worst criminal?
Emirates is the most expensive flight supplier, according to The Daily Telegraph.
Include a 30 k package, but in addition to your allowance, it requires you to add £ 117 per 5 kg.
Surprisingly, Easyjet has become the cheapest.
It will require a fee of 13 in advance
20 kg bags check for £ 30, but only £ 3 after each kg if you book online.
At the same time, spiritual Airlines and United airlines face some of the most painful \"airport\" costs.
The former charges 28.
Any carry 90
Bag larger than your normal handbag, but it will cost you 78 if you forget to book in advance.
A 23 kg pack for United Airlinesis is free, but if you bring an extra backpack you will be charged an extra fee of £ 78.
Wrong, come to their table with an extra bag weighing between 33 kg and 46 and you will be charged for eyes
Additional watering: £ 50.
Are you planning to book some heavy cargo flights?
Here are the airline baggage charges for some of the UK\'s most popular flight providers.
Luggage Storage: € 25
55 euros, up to 20 kg euros, depending on the short-term, medium-term or long-term fare of the festival; €35-
The baggage storage office is 65 euros.
Excess baggage at the airport ranges from £ 23 kg to £ 32 kg per kilogram.
All over 23 kg of luggage is € 75 and long distance flights are up to € 32 kg.
10 euro-luggage
40 euros per person, 15 kg bags; €5-
Extra € 10 for 20 kg bags.
Luggage purchased at the airport or by phone: € 25-
50 euros per person, 15 kg bags;
€ 10/€ 10 per kilogram of luggage for an extra charge of 20 kg bags
20 kg packs of 30 bought online;
£ 35 at baggage storage;
On the gate of the airport, £ 45, £ 10 per kilogram.
3 per kilogram when booking online.
If traveling on hand luggage, please carry your luggage with you
Only the fare, you will need to pay the extra baggage fee at the airport rate.
The price is from £ 20
Advanced online purchase £ 40 for the first pack, £ 40-
Buy £ 65 at the airport.
Overweight luggage is £ 65 per pack.
If your hand luggage exceeds the weight limit and you need to check in, it is accounted for in your checked baggage limit. Luggage £ 15-
£ 36 when booking online;
£ 36 at the airport.
Excess luggage up to 12 kg per kilogram.
If traveling with \"light\" hand luggage, please take it with you (8kg)
Only the fare, you can book a piece of luggage up to 23 kg online for 15 euros;
30 euros at the airport and 45 euros at the gate.
Excess baggage over £ 23 kg and £ 32 kg will be charged € 50.
The baggage storage limit of 15 kilograms is free (
Long distance 20kgs and 23kgs to the United States).
Extra luggage extra luggage is 8 per 5 kilos on shorthaul, 10 per 9 kilos in the US, 20 long Gaul and 50.
LuggageA 23 kg package is free on international flights and the second package is priced at $100.
$150 for an extra fee-
$200 for the third package.
Excess baggage of more than 23 kg but less than 32 kg will be charged an additional $100;
Baggage exceeding 33 kg but less than 46 will be charged $200.
Carrying luggage on a transatlantic flight, up to 23 kg of luggage is free, and the second is £ 65.
Over 23 kg of excess baggage will be charged £ 65.
Luggage Storage baggage 21.
You have to pay 70 euros if your package is over 32 kg.
For bags larger than handbags or laptops, the cost of carrying luggage with you is $37
On the online booking package, $47 was booked during check-in, $57 was booked at the airport, and $100 was booked at the door.
The cost of checked baggage is $30/$40/$50/$100 respectively.
$30 excess baggage tax on 18-bags23kg, $55 23-
$32-32 kg and $10045kg.
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