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The prospect of domestic food packaging machinery is very optimistic

by:Kenwei      2023-01-10
The prospect of domestic food packaging machinery is very optimistic, with the improvement of people's living standards and the prosperity of the commodity economy. At present, the domestic supervision on the quality and safety of food and medicine is increasing, and there are more requirements for the production and processing of food, and there are new requirements for packaging technology. A large number of food production enterprises have invested capital in technological transformation and the purchase of packaging equipment, which to a certain extent has improved the level and market competitiveness of my country's food industry. Although about 30% of the domestic packaging machinery industry has low-level repetitive construction. This situation not only wastes important resources such as limited capital and manpower, but also causes confusion in the packaging machinery market, hinders the healthy development of the industry, and hinders the upgrading of packaging machinery and packaging technology innovation in domestic small and medium-sized food enterprises. At present, most of my country's food packaging machinery is based on a single machine, which is not comparable to foreign countries in terms of technological content and degree of automation. Some food companies have to spend a lot of money to introduce some complete sets of food packaging production lines with advanced technology, high production efficiency and high packaging precision from abroad for technological transformation, so that a large part of the domestic market share is occupied by foreign brands. However, the development space of food packaging machinery in my country is still broad, and the level of packaging technology of food computer automatic packing machine needs to be improved.
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