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The mainstream development direction of the food packaging machinery industry in the future

by:Kenwei      2022-07-26
In the increasingly fierce market competition, good packaging forms will inevitably bring good sales share. Therefore, the packaging technology of heat shrinkable film packaging machines is constantly improved and innovated, and constantly adapts to the development of the dairy industry and the needs of customers. The dairy machinery industry has become bellicose. With the development of China's dairy industry, competition among dairy production enterprises has intensified, which has driven the development of related processing and food packaging machinery industries. The competition of domestic dairy industry with serious homogenization of industrial structure is concentrated on competition of milk source, market preemption and technological upgrading. Except for a few dairy giants, many dairy companies are looking for effective ways to convert limited resources into market economic benefits and find space for survival and development. The excessive dependence of heat shrinkable film food packaging machinery on foreign technology has seriously restricted the sustainable and stable development of China's packaging industry. At present, the competition of food packaging machinery is increasingly fierce. In the future, food computer automatic packing machine will cooperate with industrial automation, promote the overall level of packaging equipment, and develop multi-functional, efficient and low-consumption food packaging equipment. Food packaging machinery is stepping up independent innovation, gradually implementing the production and operation mode of 'strengthening, optimizing and expandingThe mainstream development direction of the food packaging machinery industry in the future is to emphasize energy saving, recycling, reduction of raw material consumption and intelligent equipment in the production process on the one hand, and on the other hand, to add more automation functions to products. According to the China Food Industry Association, the local Development and Reform Commission has listed food processing and packaging machinery as a key area for the development of the food industry. In the future, the annual growth rate of China's food processing packaging machinery and heat shrinkable films is expected to exceed 12%.
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