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\'the five\' celebrates national bring your dog to work day

by:Kenwei      2019-09-09
This is a rush copy of the \"five\" in June 21, 2019.
This copy may not be in final form and may be updated.
Host Jesse Waters: Hello everyone.
I\'m Jesse Waters with Emily Compagno, Doug Schoen, Kennedy and Greg Gutfeld.
Now it\'s 5 in New York City. This is \"five people \".
\"Fox News alert, the United States and Iran were crumbling after President Trump ordered the airstrikes last night, but did not stop them until the last minute.
The president explained his actions in an interview with NBC, and when the phone rang, military aircraft were ready to target several Iranian assets. (
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Unidentified male: So, are you the green light or do you say I will do it if we do it?
What is your order?
Donald Trump, President: nothing is green until the end because things have changed, right?
You never made a final order?
TRUMP: No, no, no.
But I agree. We\'re ready.
They came in and came in about half an hour later and they said, sir, we are ready.
I said, I want a better one. -
Unidentified man: is the plane in the air?
Or is the plane in the air?
No, we\'re ready.
No, but they will soon.
Things happen when you don\'t look back or can\'t look back.
So, they came and they said, sir, we are ready and we need a decision.
I said I wanted to know something before you left.
How many people will be killed?
In this case, the Iranians?
How many people do I say I want to kill?
Sir, I would like to reply to you on this.
These generals are great people. They said --
Come back and say, sir, about 150.
I thought for a moment. I said, you know?
They shot down a drone, no matter what you call it, and here we sit with 150 dead, this could happen within half an hour after I said go ahead.
Man: Yes.
I don\'t like it either.
I didn\'t expect--
I don\'t think this is appropriate. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Waters: It took Democrats and the media a few days to worry that the president would put us into war.
Now he is very restrained. They sing a completely different tune. (
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Unidentified male: Donald Trump\'s approach is to threaten, bully, insult, and then back down.
Unidentified male: The president must represent the United States, not the authoritarian figures he has been trying to contact.
Unidentified male: What Trump did was prove to the Iranians that he was a twitter Tiger.
There was fear in him.
When it comes to finding out the fear of the enemy, the Iranians are expert calculators.
I think they have this guy\'s number. (END VIDEO CLIP)WATTERS: OK.
The Iranians got our number.
Okay, Greg.
Let\'s break this down.
Greg gutfeld, host: of course, Jess, let me break it down for you. All right.
Donald Trump makes it a bit strange for Republicans to opposewar.
This is the unusual phenomenon of Trump that we \'ve noticed, he\'s not your typical Republican, okay?
So now the media has become these crazy hawks.
Like now they say why don\'t you do that?
I mean, it\'s kind of weird when you see it, because I like Bret, I like it, you know, some of these people, but they\'re kind of irritating him.
They think there is some weakness in not killing these people.
So they\'re basically saying you should go to war.
We talked about this yesterday.
We\'re trying to figure out what the response is to shoot down the drone?
What I said yesterday was something to something.
This is progress because we don\'t throw bodies at each other anymore.
The media seem to miss this.
They want the body.
They want to take the pile.
What we see now is--
I think this is progress towards a new way of dealing with threats that have been around for 40 years.
Waters: The media only wanted the body because they didn\'t want it the day before.
It\'s just a reaction to what President Trump has done, and it shows you how unprincipled they are, Kennedy.
Host Kennedy: I think this is great.
Actually, this president-
This is one of my favorite aspects of his personality, not just-
Intervention, but one of the bigger concerns for Iran is who has ears?
I always feel uneasy when Mike Pompeii and John Bolton because I think they are impulsive and I think they are a little happy, but you also have people like his daughter Ivanka
If you remember, he dropped a missile at the Syrian Air Force Base because Bashar AL-ASSAD, and perhaps Russians, deflated Syrians with chlorine gas.
But in fact, we see a president taking a measured approach, not actually making excuses, but talking about the number of bodies and showing some sympathy, and I think, as far as Greg is concerned, amazing progress has been made.
It\'s always very disturbing when you have someone on the left, and I put Hillary Clinton in this category that has never worn a uniform, never served, but some of them pushed us forward with these incursions so quickly.
Waters: Doug, are you worried that this will weaken our deterrent factor, because when someone does something on this level, you sometimes need to react in a disproportional way.
Host Doug Sean: The Iranians are evil killers.
They are threatening the state of Israel.
They have undermined stability in Syria and allowed Bashar AL-ASSAD to remain in power.
The Republican Guard understands only one thing, power.
While I fairly think the president\'s explanation makes sense, I think what we lack is a strategy of how to deal with future invasion, because there is a feeling between Middle East countries, we do not have the power and the passion we need to face radical Islam and terrorism.
So in a short time
I can agree with you, Kennedy, and Greg in the long run, and I\'m afraid we don\'t have a clear and persuasive strategy.
So it\'s a better idea to appease Iran? SCHOEN: No.
It would be better to beat them.
Let them know they can\'t. -KENNEDY: Wow.
So hit them. -
You don\'t mind if it means a funeral, a corpse, and sadness.
SCHOEN: We had funerals all over the Middle East.
In fact, they are now in Venezuela.
You know, you\'re right.
We should put a few nuclear devices in Iran. -
No, we should--
Kennedy: Definitely according to this logic.
They killed people. We should have killed more people.
SCHOEN: You are laughing at me and a commensurate response.
I\'m not laughing at you.
I used a counter-evidence method to show how-(CROSSTALK)
You turned my head over, Kennedy.
I don\'t like this.
Waters: Emily, I think one of the strategies is that if it\'s a drone, maybe you take a step back and become our behemoth, maybe they\'ll come to the table, but if there\'s one, an American on that plane, I assure you, those retaliatory strikes will be swift and firm.
COMPAGNO: I think it\'s 100%, but I won\'t say it until then.
Yes, of course.
Look, I think the good thing about what happened today is that it makes Iran feel incredible panic and they are only one step away from what they pay a high price.
What I want to say is that the military people I have come into contact with today are deeply surprised by the president\'s decision.
But I think there are two.
Showing Iran that we are serious is a big advantage for us.
Secondly, when we deal with this in the media, we kill it in its infancy.
We kill it in the bud with left-leaning media because if Trump continues to use the web
Attacks, all attacks we discussed yesterday, if he continues to carry out financial suffocation against the Ministry of Finance, can be attacked in terms of supporting the financial mechanisms of the Republican Guard, or the support agencies of these neighboring countries, so they will still talk about it throughout the decision-making process ---
He brought us to the edge of the war. What if that happens?
He growled inside.
If so, there will always be.
I like that he has gone there, so now he explains transparently why he flinch, and then we can go ahead and take these smaller steps.
What I want to say is, you know, what bothers me is that you now have John Kerry and former Obama administration foreign policy officials who have been actively speaking, providing advice to the Iranian regime that launched drones into the sky is a huge problem.
Goodfield: And--
Problems like Iran have a long history.
Like the North Korean issue ---
It will take decades.
But the media don\'t like it.
The media need them--
Perform in this fog, right? We don\'t know --
In fact, we don\'t even know what\'s going on, and now we don\'t know what might happen between Iran and the US.
Everything looks stupid tomorrow.
But the truth is that Trump has always been willing to take a longer-term approach.
It\'s like we\'re going to see what happens, and it\'s basically a long term approach.
Let\'s see what happens.
I\'m not that interested in bombing them now.
Maybe I will bomb them later.
Kennedy: I think that predictability is also the reason why he is more successful in the field of foreign policy, especially--and --
You know, you said that he did not attack Iran, nor did he kill the Iranians, there was no real foreign policy strategy, nor did 23 Democrats because I did not see their policy documents ---
But that doesn\'t make the Donald Trump approach better.
I want predictability.
I don\'t know. I do. (LAUGHTER)
Kennedy: It\'s always good to wire exactly what you\'re doing.
I don\'t know if our enemies want predictability.
SCHOEN: That\'s my point.
Waters: You know, sometimes our enemies are on guard when they don\'t know what the commander is --in-
The director will do it.
Well, next, some Democrats have warned that the recent party attack on leader Joe Biden could actually help re-elect President Trump. (
Business break)
SCHOEN: It\'s been a tough week for Joe Biden, the 2020 Democratic front-runner, because his competitors have severely criticized his comments about working with apartheid senators.
He has become the number one target of his competitors since he ran for president.
Don\'t believe me? Just watch. (
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Unidentified women: destroying the reputation of apartheid-
If they had their way, I wouldn\'t really be standing here as a member of the US Senate, and I think it\'s just--
This is wrong, this is wrong.
Unidentified male: his pose for me is that I didn\'t do anything wrong, you should apologize, I\'m not racist, it\'s too insulting and missed a bit more important
Unidentified male: Will Joe Biden return to the past?
Man: he is.
This is not the way we go.
Is Joe Biden wrong?
Unidentified women: Yes, we have not passed laws that deprive the most vulnerable women of their freedom.
Unidentified male: I think if you look at Joe\'s record and you look at my record, I don\'t think there is any problem with who is more progressive. (END VIDEO CLIP)
SCHOEN: But let\'s take a break, it\'s the mood of some Democrats, including the Democrat, who wants to stop the attack on Biden because they think it will eventually help Trump.
According to Hill, lawmakers believe that the 2020 Democratic presidential primary is becoming a cycle of shooting, and Trump will be the beneficiary of each other\'s battles.
I know, Kennedy.
Yes, you did.
How do you like this?
Kennedy: I think--
You have so many candidates running, and I understand what they are doing and they have to stand out at some point.
If you wait too long like Steven Block to play, you\'ll be left behind peloton.
So you really have a bunch of candidates who are two digits behind Biden and they have to do something.
Unfortunately, Joe Biden gave them a main course to really stick to his criticism of this kind, which was the hardest aspect of his past to explain.
He did not do very well in this regard.
So he\'s open to that, they\'re the ones who are trying to get political scores, and that\'s what you do in the election.
Jesse, I think this is mainly an unfair attack on Biden.
Do you agree with me?
Oh, poor Joe.
Let\'s be a little better with the leader.
He\'s too fragile.
It doesn\'t sound confident that Democrats whisper Joe. I think in --
2008, Obama attacked the leading Hillary Clinton, defeated her and won the general.
Donald Trump attacked Jeb, the leader in the primary election, and eventually won the general.
So you want a competitive primary because you want the final nominee to fight --tested.
Remember the last time, I thought, Bernie said, Oh, I don\'t care about Hillary\'s email.
Kennedy: damn mail.
Waters: damn email. No one cares. That was dumb.
It hurt Bernie but ended up hurting Hillary because she still couldn\'t effectively defend her email because she wasn\'t forced to make a strategy.
If you look at Biden now, he\'s mature.
He\'s too fragile. And his jaw --
His chin is glass.
Now, complain and try to start making strategies before the first debate cries?
I don\'t think you\'re very sympathetic.
Waters: it looks too weak, Doug.
Emily, do you all sympathize with Biden?
No, I don\'t. I think this --(CROSSTALK)
Welcome to these five people. (LAUGHTER)
I know.
COMPAGNO: I think that\'s a good illustration of what the agency and what they\'re trying to do.
We saw that in 2016, when they basically said, look, don\'t worry about Hillary.
Joe is their official candidate.
But I think the difference is that in 2016 Hillary had that inevitable feeling that Biden didn\'t have. WATTERS: Right.
COMPAGNO: Obviously these other candidates think he doesn\'t and doesn\'t care, they\'re not interested in V. P. situation.
They are not worried about their career if he chooses the cabinet because they don\'t think it will happen.
I think people who are obviously in line may argue later, Oh, I\'m pushing for you ---
I put pressure on you on an issue that is important to the base, but other than that, it is clear that no one, except by the way, thinks he is the inevitable leader, tony fabrisio, a Trump pollster, said he thought it would be Elizabeth Warren.
SCHOEN: I think there is a good chance. -
There may be one.
Greg, do you think he will be taken away? -GUTFELD: Yes. SCHOEN: --down?
But I will meet you in this compassionate world. -
Thank you. GUTFELD: --
Because Joe is trying to show that he can work with anyone, ironically, he\'s talking about Democrats who don\'t want to work with him right now.
So like the movie The Lion King, is this a rich, complete circle?
Oh, the circle of life, Greg.
Yes, thank you. I --OK. So I feel bad --(CROSSTALK)GUTFELD: Yes.
I felt sorry for Joe until I remembered him saying the same thing to the Republicans again and again.
The apply machine created on the left is the crocodile that will eventually eat everyone, you think you will be safe, but it will also eat you.
I mean, remember, he said Trump didn\'t condemn white supremacy.
He also said Romney will put you back in chains.
So he blacked out the people who voted for Trump.
He had already laid the bed with the smearing machine and unfortunately he had to lie on the bed.
That\'s why he\'s so sleepy. (LAUGHTER)
Waters: You went straight in.
Kennedy: If you want to reach out and show that you can work with each other, talk about John McCain and Mike Pence.
That\'s the point, you see.
As a Democrat, I think it\'s the place to go, and he\'s talking about Eastland and--
Because he used to talk about him.
I know that.
I mean, he\'s the eulogy for Strom Thurmond, right?
Waters: he\'s been telling the same story for years and it\'s all caught up with him. GUTFELD: Yeah. And now he\'s --
He is now in a new world that does not matter.
(German): Next, the situation of the new play Jussie smalllet.
Officials from dominican Canada play the wave of mysterious deaths below. (
Business break)
Kennedy: That\'s right.
It continues mainly from Jussie smalette saga.
A judge in Cook County, Illinois is appointing a special prosecutor to investigate the handling of the case by Chicago\'s supreme prosecutor, Kim Foxx, because you remember that her office revoked all of that actor.
It was a big surprise.
He was charged with a hate crime attack on himself.
It\'s hard to do.
The judge said that Foxx had no right to assign her top deputy to lead the case after oral avoidance.
Foxx said in a statement that she did not agree with the judge\'s decision.
So, Emily, it\'s really fascinating because of me. -
You know, you\'re a lawyer and you can explain that better.
But I was wondering if there was a double hazard here, but the special prosecutor said no, they could reopen the case and Jussie Smollett could again be charged with 16 charges with less or even more.
COMPAGNO: Yes, any other person involved in it can also be charged a fee.
I want to point out a few things to the audience.
First place, judge, Judge Toomin came out to swing in Kim Foxx.
He basically said she-
The phrase she used, acting state attorney ,(INAUDIBLE)
It was basically made up in her imagination and, therefore, it was an important part and, as a result, the arrest, subsequent prosecution and revocation of all the charges could not be explained.
It\'s like cleaning the stone board. It\'s all moot.
That\'s why it restored the whole situation to where it was.
Secondly, a large number of investigations have taken place at the same time.
Here, the defense believes, well, look, we are repeating the efforts of the Inspector General.
Obviously, Judge Toomin said, no, you\'re not.
So now we have the inspector general for the audience.
We now have a special prosecutor.
We asked the FBI to investigate the scam.
We filed a lawsuit against Jussie in Chicago.
Don\'t forget to sue the brothers of his lawyer.
Finally, she accused her of morality. -
Yes, she blamed her moral officer for the responsibility.
Remember, she runs on the platform I\'m going to instill in a moral officer and brings morality back to Chicago. She failed.
Kennedy: The whole case was strange except that it was a notable actor, and we were really fascinated ---SCHOEN: We are. KENNEDY: --with it. SCHOEN: We are.
That being said, you know, Emily, what are you saying, Jesse smallette ---Waters: Jussie. Jussie.
(German): Jussie, sorry. (LAUGHTER)Sean: No--
They will not ignore or give up the argument of double danger.
Therefore, it will take some time if the case is to be tried.
There will be plenty of reasons to think this is a double hazard, and my gut feeling is that we may get a defense for a very mild criminal act.
Kennedy: I mean, the way he talks.
He feels Scottish. free. SCHOEN: Right.
You know, he\'s--
I am the son of my mother and everyone knows that I will never do such a thing.
The real attacker is out there. WATTERS: Right.
That\'s why Americans think the whole system is rigged because Michelle Obama\'s former chief of staff called Foxx and then he got a sweet deal.
Comey reached an agreement with Hillary Clinton.
Hillary Clinton defeated Bernie in the primary.
Mueller compared his team to 19 Democrats.
Celebrities pay bribes to get their children to school.
The ghost sni fiddled with the counting of tickets.
If you are an ordinary American who works hard, it\'s all fake, and you feel that if you\'re not a politically connected or wealthy person, you can\'t really make the system work for you.
That\'s why people are obsessed with the story and they want to see Jussie pay for it.
Yes, because Lori Loughlin is not going to jail. GUTFELD: No.
I think Jesse has just come up with his book proposal.
You just made your catalog.
I have to hand it over to smolette because not only did he ruin his career, but he sank the performing Empire, right? And he\'s --
I think he is also destroying the cause of Jinfu xx.
He was like a bank teller who slipped into the money bag to give the bank robbers a paint can, they were almost there, the whole thing went off and they were covered with paint.
I have said before that my solution to him is that he should be frank and meet with the person he smeared.
He blacked out those imaginary Maga supporters.
If he does meet with Trump\'s actual supporters, it could go some way towards forgiveness.
Kennedy: Well, speaking of forgiveness, we don\'t seem to have much for the Dominican Republic right now.
We have been following the story. R.
The tourism minister said the suspected death of Americans was exaggerated earlier at a news conference.
Fox News confirmed that two more Americans have died while on vacation there in recent years.
One of the daughters attacked Dominican officials. Watch this. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified Woman: I don\'t understand how 11 people are dying now and how someone will see what you are.
They all have the same reason.
They\'re all in the same area.
He claims that, you know, this can happen anywhere.
I totally agree that a heart attack can happen anywhere, bad things can happen anywhere, but we can still see 11 cases of almost the same thing in the same area, that is Dominican. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Jeff Paul is in Santo Domingo with the latest, Jeff?
Reporter Jeff Paul: Yes, Kennedy when the minister of tourism tried to explain what was going on in the room full of local and international journalists, we were in that room and he summed it up again, it is exaggerated that most of the cases are driven by speculation.
He also said that there is nothing to hide from the Dominican Republic. It is D. R.
In this case, he reached out to the FBI.
At the moment, at least one of their top concerns is tourism, the lifeblood of the Caribbean island.
But we have done it and had the opportunity to ask his tourism minister what he would say to the families of 11 tourists who died in 12 years, the last 12 months from last June to June.
He said that while he sympathized with the families who had lost their loved ones, he continued to stress that he did not see any mystery in death.
One of the big things that we are all waiting for, it seems that the whole island and the people watching the story are waiting for the results of the toxicology tests of the three Americans who have died, these are tests that the FBI has participated in and assisted.
We may not get these results until next month. Kennedy.
Okay, Jeff. Thanks so much.
Greg, I want to start with you because they \'ve been-
Many of these families are forced to cremate their loved ones. GUTFELD: Right.
Kennedy: The government did not conduct toxicology tests on most of the victims.
This is too irritating.
I looked at the interview with the young woman and they just said there would be toxicology on the death certificate. Can we just -
Can you sign here? So we can dispose of the body.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
The problem now is that DR makes some sense to guess because it is-
We are in the fog of the media. I include myself in it.
I don\'t know what\'s going on.
I think the most obvious thing is that a bunch of cheap wine was sold to these places ---
Or espionage.
Jesse has spy intelligence. Go ahead.
Waters: First of all, I feel sorry for Jeff, he drew that assignment in DR, I mean, if the story goes on, he might get stuck there
When he came back, I wanted to look at that expense report.
I was disappointed to find my own handyman violating my travel ban today.
He was repairing my sink today and he told me that he was going to see a doctor with 18 people, completely ignoring all my warnings.
He did say that he was going to do one thing.
He said he bought all the wine on duty. free place.
This is my suggestion.
Waters: store it and don\'t touch the mini bar.
I\'m glad he heard some of our warnings.
SCHOEN: I was invited on a business trip a few weeks ago to the doctor I said, thanks, but no thanks, I have the same friends who will go to hell or orgasm.
Like Bob Maines.
Montgomery: Well, the Dominican Republic has to do something because people think it\'s a deadly place for a holiday.
Those who have travel consumption may go somewhere else to spend.
COMPAGNO: That\'s why it\'s so surprising that the minister of tourism has made it clear that there is no mysterious death.
He should have said that we are working hard and we will give you a reply to our condolences.
Then we have more credibility that we can extend to them.
The second point, though, is not just wine, as these toxins may be inhaled or partially inhaled or ingested.
This possibility cannot be ruled out.
Montgomery: No, but the FBI will do more work on this.
But this family did not--
Great tragedy.
Montgomery: think back now. All right.
Followed by the fastest seven, including crazy fights at the airport, expensive divorce and comforting food for Democratic candidates.
Don\'t go anywhere. (
Business break)
Welcome back.
The fastest time of 7
First of all, there was a terrible incident at an airport in Phoenix.
The surveillance video shows 19-year-
Before ten o\'clock A. M. , the old man rushed through the metal detector, quarreled with a group of TSA agents, and by the way sent a special worker to the hospital, and four others were in urgent care.
Since then, they have all been released and he has been subdued and arrested on assault charges.
Greg, his bail is only $1500.
It seems to be very personal.
There is still a lot of this story.
It happened.
I don\'t know what it is, but you know it\'s a tough job.
Everything about TSA is pessimistic.
It is gloomy to them, it is gloomy to us, just as travel was charming in the past, and now you see the crowd, the sight, the noise and the sinking of your heart.
There must be a way to improve this. Right.
They have one.
Montgomery: Get the Concorde back.
SCHOEN: I spoke to an agent at TSA last weekend and he said they were trying to learn certainty and happiness at the same time.
GUTFELD: that\'s good.
But certainty is more important. GUTFELD: Yes.
COMPAGNO: and very shy.
Waters: I blame al. Qaeda.
You know, if it weren\'t for 9/11 attacks, you wouldn\'t have had such ridiculous security measures that would have made the baby look like a full body check and the grandmother was taken away.
I\'m not saying what TSA has done to irritate you, but when you get to the airport and your flight is about to take off, the person told you to take off your shoes again, I\'m not defending this attack, I mean, the tension is very serious.
Montgomery: Well, that\'s why TSA would react surprisingly because they said they were ready for active shooters and trained, but they are not prepared for unruly passengers who may have attacked some of their agents, and I wonder why you don\'t ---Waters: fight.
Montgomery: airport and travel, yes, it\'s a huge pressure cooker, but they also say that this young man is mentally abnormal and you should --
In a nervous hospital.
You go there.
Next, they always say that marriage does not end until the marriage is over.
A man in Detroit, after being ordered by the court to share his $80 million lottery ticket with his ex-boyfriend, had to learn about itwife.
During their separation, he bought the winning ticket in 2013, but it was not finalized until the divorce in 2018.
Now, the bonus is considered a marriage property and now he has to pay $15 million to his predecessor, which is not love.
So Michigan is not a state of community property.
It is a fair distribution country, a fair distribution country, which means that the judge decides what is a fair distribution, which does not mean equality, but means fairness.
Also, that\'s why the date of separation is not as important as it is in the community property state that blocks the economic union clock.
It\'s basically free for everyone here, and judges can do what they should.
SCHOEN: my attitude is that if you get $65 million from me I would be happy to give you $15 million-
Bernie Sanders, slow down.
I am a free-market capitalist.
I\'m not a fool either. Jesse.
Waters: I was thinking that if you knew you had left a bad marriage and you were a millionaire now, I wouldn\'t have been so worried about this person and probably really happy.
Yes, I bet he is.
COMPAGNO: Well, the fact that he defended it in court means that he is not. He tried.
Waters: I\'m sure his dirty lawyers are working on it so they can get paid.
You know how those people are.
What do you think, Kennedy?
Montgomery: No, I\'m on his side on this.
He bought the ticket.
This is his, and they have decided to end their alliance.
So, he should keep zero, which is a tough check for him.
You know, I\'m going to find someone who\'s always wise in my mind, Geraldo.
I know you\'re going to say that.
Geraldo\'s advice on divorce, give them everything they want.
That\'s why he\'s still working.
Yes, that\'s right.
That\'s it.
He always said, give them everything.
It will hurt them, but it won\'t hurt them as much as you don\'t give them everything they want.
I like lottery tickets.
This is voluntary tax payment.
I hope everything
I hope we can have 100 times more lottery tickets.
Waters: except for the visa lottery.
COMPAGNO: has anyone seen another case embedded there, and his quick check of buying a lottery ticket is where he proposed to go forward
Then the wife who got the moneyGUTFELD: Wow.
SCHOEN: this is too--
Kennedy: how romantic.
Finally, the New York Times asked 2020 candidates what their favorite comfort food was during the campaign.
Some answers are completely confusing. (
Start Video Editing)SEN. CORY BOOKER, D-N. J.
Presidential candidate: but when you are a vegetarian, it means a lot of vegetables are on the go. REP.
Hi presidential candidate: I try to stay away from it but vegetarian cupcakes.
D-Marianne Williamson
Presidential candidate: I don\'t have any comfortable food.
Pete butigegIND.
Presidential candidate: there\'s news that I like beef jerky. REP.
Eric svalwellCALIF.
Presidential candidate: coffee is really comfortable. REP.
Kirsten gillibrand, D-N. Y.
Presidential candidate: have a whisky at night. SEN.
Elizabeth WarrenMASS.
It could be potato chips and avocado sauce. SEN.
D-Kamala HarrisCALIF.
Presidential candidate: French fries. (END VIDEO CLIP)
What do you think?
GUTFELD: can I say this is a window into the soul of a liar.
Because if the question asks you about evil, you try to signal virtue. WATTERS: Right.
You are totally fake.
Oh, you know I try to stay away from charity.
It\'s my comfort that I do charity.
Kennedy: come and have cupcakes.
What\'s wrong with steak and chips?
What she wants is --if not.
The best thing she said.
I appreciate Tim Ryan.
Shane: Don\'t worry. There\'s only one cup.
Tim Ryan said I am a person who likes to eat ice cream.
I don\'t know why Kamala Harris thought it was fun but chips.
This is strange.
The fries are so funny.
Kennedy: vegetables and beef jerky like words will be like oh no, beef jerky parades are now on the street every time-
What is this, vegetarian cake.
Vegan Cupcakes.
Kennedy: I really shouldn\'t.
You know what Trump calls \"comfort food \". Food.
He only eats these.
So they\'re all going to lose.
COMPAGNO: does this help them?
Marianne Williamson says she has no comfortable food.
I have evolved at this point. GUTFELD: Yes.
She eats spirits.
Kennedy: I\'m having an air meal. I just breathe. GUTFELD: Yes.
Okay, you guys.
Fan mail next Friday
You guys. (
Business break)
That\'s music.
It\'s not music.
Goodfield: No, that\'s the music that started chasing the scene from the original Planet of Apes.
When Chuck Heston ran out of the gorilla
Montgomery: Chuck. GUTFELD: Chuck.
You know he\'s Chuck.
Late Chuck. All right.
Fan mail on Friday
This is a good question.
If others know what you like to do, they will think it is strange. Jesse.
I won\'t tell you.
I will never tell you. GUTFELD: No?
Waters: A little strange. GUTFELD: Yes.
Waters: A little strange.
I mean, I\'m not a strange person.
I think everything I do is normal.
It\'s you that I find strange.
Yes, I\'m a weird guy. That\'s right.
This may be considered normal.
Like I take a shower every day.
This is strange, right.
You take a bath or a bath.
I took a shower. WATTERS: OK.
I took a bath like I did in the bathtub.
Waters: I think you\'re a showman.
SCHOEN: I like to watch the Democratic speech. That\'s weird.
This is strange.
You will have a lot of fun next week.
SCHOEN: That\'s my point.
Emily, what\'s the weird skull in your closet.
Well, I like cleaning. I like to tidy.
This is probablySCHOEN: Thank you, Emily. You did.
Thank you.
It\'s a bit strange, she did it without asking.
No, she\'s not.
She just tore your face off.
You do it gracefully.
I dare not ask, Kennedy.
No, I like to eat apples in the shower. Really.
Waters: that\'s not true.
Kennedy: this is the case with 100%.
I went to Joe\'s.
I got the apple of envy.
They are sweet and delicious, and they have a nice apple in the shower.
You\'re just an Apple bomb.
You shouldn\'t do that.
OK, I know it sounds weird, but please try it home.
Eat an apple in the shower, think about me, but not very healthy.
GUTFELD: sometimes, to save about 30 seconds, I sleep in my gym clothes. That\'s weird. WATTERS: Wait. Really?
I have--WATTERS: Wait. Really?
So strange.
You\'re only seven.
This is true.
Waters: How long will it take you to take off your gym clothes.
GUTFELD: I\'ll do something the night before I\'m seven to make sure I can ---
Waters: It\'s all over. GUTFELD: Yes.
Oh, God, pack your bag.
Yes, I\'m sick. All right.
What are you most afraid? This from Rose.
What is the most feared thing in the air? Doug.
SCHOEN: say something that will have a reaction to limit exposure, and I will do that in the future.
This could be-
You just wrote the fear of everyone on TV.
I think that\'s right.
That\'s what it is.
I\'m still here 15 years later. GUTFELD: Yes.
SCHOEN: Fingers crossed.
You don\'t have that fear, gannadi, do you?
Kennedy: Actually, I went through the list with my senior producer and it says \"swear in the air \".
When you do this, I\'m next.
So, I had to go with my senior producer, like OK, in the grand scheme of the worst things and the things that were acceptable. GUTFELD: Right.
Kennedy: We actually put those bad words in front of us. GUTFELD: Wow. Interesting.
Waters: Let me have a look at the list.
I can have a look.
Let me tell you.
No wonder you shouldn\'t say that. WATTERS: OK.
Probably already.
Jesse, you broke it.
I have never been afraid.
This is the problem.
This is the problem.
So we have to fear me.
GUTFELD: that\'s true.
We are still in the process. GUTFELD: Yes. Emily, what is--
COMPAGNO: after you were together last time.
I remember I said to you, like I learned all these words that you saw in the air and I didn\'t know what you could see, they were all in the gray zone.
Waters: Like what.
Well, I won\'t say that.
You said we could know. COMPAGNO: never.
But I know what Doug said.
You did it.
Just did it.
Is it under this now?
No, the second way I answered was true for unrelated things.
I\'m answering this question.
I started a long time ago. GUTFELD: Yes.
SCHOEN: I said something I didn\'t want to repeat today. MONTGOMERY: (Inaudible). SCHOEN: No.
GUTFELD: Practice-studying in--
SCHOEN: I ended up being a lawyer like Emily had to Google 20-
About 10 years of Fox shows that the offensive language I allegedly used has been used 15 or 20 times in the past.
So I defended my case.
Yes, they always said on Fox.
What is your defense? SCHOEN: Yes. WATTERS: Good.
GUTFELD: When I started here, I was told that no matter what law and order I can say, it didn\'t help me anything, because if you think about what is said in law and order.
Kennedy: suitcase.
Yes, that\'s right.
Made a very bad joke at the front of the body.
So, I have been doing this since then.
One more thing to do next. (
Business break)
Waters: it\'s time to do one more thing.
I wish you all a happy day with your dog. Rookie.
Cainiao gets off here.
Cainiao\'s here. There is Rook. All right. So here he is. Say hi to Emma.
Say hello to Sophie. Hi.
Dropped the cookies.
So, we have a dog even if Dana is not here.
Waters: That\'s right.
Where is Dana, we can really use her today.
Is this his first appearance?
This is his-
Miller\'s report dropped the last time he came.
So we got hit.
Does he have any opinion on this? WATTERS: Yes.
No collusion, no obstruction. SCHOEN: OK.
Waters: Okay.
Also, I want to wish my dad a happy birthday.
Happy birthday to you, then.
This is Steven waters and the world of waters this weekend.
There\'s my dad in the White House, he\'s hard there.
We have don junior this weekend. All right.
This is the president\'s son. You watch TV at home.
Montgomery: and a beard.
Waters: The Beard will be there too.
Okay, Greg.
Greg Gutfeld Show at ten o\'clock P. M. tomorrow night
I have Johnny Joy Jones.
I found comedian Jim Florence and I found the captain and I found the one from Tyra (ph)
Saturday at ten o\'clock P. M. .
This is the time, Greg\'s mystery.
Now I\'m walking around the building and I \'ve been watching these funny trash cans all the time.
Look at our new trash. Take that.
Let\'s have a look.
So, you have a big circle, a Middle Circle, a small circle, which tells you where to put the garbage to separate it, but you take off the top of it, what did you find?
All in the same place.
I think this is a mystery that we need to study in depth.
I will shut up now.
Kennedy: eat more vegetables.
I love the story because it\'s just to make you never have to give up on fitness.
You will never be too old as a champion.
Look at Julia Hawkins, 103, who won 100-
At the national advanced sports meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the rice sprint.
She set the world record and didn\'t start running until she was over 100 years old.
She is in shape by gardening.
She did it in just 40 seconds. She\'s a rock star. Look at that.
I am encouraged by this, and have never heard the words of any woman;
They said they were too old to start doing anything.
They\'re just lazy.
She\'s sexy.
She is beautiful.
Gardening is a good exercise. OK. Go for it.
Remember this scene.
Olivia Newton John is auctioning a lot of things in the iconic film Grease for her charity.
Her cancer charity in Melbourne, Australia, which includes clothing and leather jackets, is expected to cost more than $200,000 and includes her original Grease script.
How I wish I was more than one
Millionaire so I can get all these things and I want to reproduce--
They are a great couple.
Such a great movie.
Apparently the best movie ever.
Waters: Okay. Doug Schoen.
SCHOEN: you know. Hawkins.
103 and then was able to talk about Graydon Lucas, a 13-year-old who was born with no part of his right arm and became a champion pitcher through the small league, I think Junior High School now wants to play big league, college, and do what Jim Abbott and Pete Gray do, and that\'s to be an armed pitcher.
This is really touching for me and an example of everything right in America.
Kennedy: good parents and good baseball family.
Yes, yes.
A young man, his brothers have also entered the highest level of college and Major League Baseball.
Waters: very good.
I think he has a good future.
Waters: OK, let\'s put him on the table and see what happens.
No, don\'t do that.
He\'s going to jump. It\'s going to be all the media. WATTERS: Oh! Stop. He is fine.
He can survive the fall.
Well, I can tell you that Jasper is very jealous.
This is probably the reason Dana didn\'t show up.
She knew I was going to have a cute dog. All right.
Just kidding, Dana.
Okay, here we are tonight.
We will come back on Monday.
Have a good weekend.
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