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tampered weights seized from vendors | chennai news - times of india

by:Kenwei      2019-08-20
Chennai: at a time when vegetable prices rise, many hawkers in the city tamper with the weight in order to deceive customers.
When the law enforcement department of the legal measurement department detained 97 non-
On Saturday, calibrate the scales at the vegetable and fruit markets near Mambalam railway station and Panagal Park.
An official from the legal metrology department said: \"During the raid, fraudulent, defective and unverified electronic weighing machines, counter scales, beam scales, platform scales and cast iron were seized
Officials say customers will not be able to get their money due to traders tampering with weighing machines.
\"Traders have been advised to regularly verify and stamp their weight and measurements according to the rules.
Some clients say the department does not have enough measures to spread awareness to curb misconduct.
\"Most buyers do not know about these misconduct and continue to be cheated.
Therefore, the department should initiate more inspections, especially when people suffer from inflation, \"said R Vasantha, a frequent visitor to T Nagar.
The shortage of staff in the Department prevented regular inspections, the source said.
In Chennai, three labor inspectors, 12 deputy inspectors and 33 assistant inspectors are responsible for monitoring the store.
People can call 044 for complaints-24320887.
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