tamil nadu’s first farmers’ market is still alive and kicking

by:Kenwei      2019-08-20
It has been almost 20 years since former Chief Minister M.
Karunanidhi has created the first uzavar sea or farmer\'s market in Tamil Nadu.
This concept has been replicated in 104 parts of the country and continues to be widely successful in madourej.
Farmers and agriculture officials say the landmark of Anna Nagar attracted at least 6,000 customers over the weekend.
Agricultural officials.
The farmers came here from naakapti, kaladkar, Mel, and hilly areas like manavanur and Palanji, where they sold all kinds of vegetables, Suresh said
\"The farmers left at about 4. 30 a. m.
Arrive at the market by bus and cargo transport from their respective villages.
Most of them have been with us for more than 10 years.
\"The nature of this place has not changed,\" he said . \".
Despite the patronage of customers and large donations from state governments, MLAs and NGOs, facilities on the market can still be upgraded.
At least 100 farmers sell their products on the market over the weekend, between 75 and 80 on weekdays, he said. Suresh.
However, the problem of insufficient toilets has plagued farmers.
There are only four men\'s toilets and three women\'s toilets on the market.
Their door broke and was out of repair for a long time.
There is a stench of urine in the air, and there is almost no light. K. K.
Kalyani, chairman of the Kariapatti farmers producer company, said, \"as a large number of farmers go to the market in the morning, better toilet facilities are needed. ” G.
Valliamma, a supplier from Chekkanoorani, agrees. Mr.
Kalyani said that women\'s use of toilets in the morning was particularly difficult due to insufficient lighting.
An official in the agricultural sector said the toilets were built 20 years ago and the last renovation was 15 years ago.
He confirmed that no improvements have been made so far.
In addition to the toilet, the ground with clay around the market becomes muddy in the rain.
\"When it rains, the market will be flooded.
\"Customers find it difficult to get through the sludge,\" said one employee . \". V.
Murugan, another farmer, said the place is in urgent need of proper drinking water facilities.
Customers and farmers face problems, especially in the summer.
\"We spend every day buying 10 cans of water from private companies,\" he said . \". Mr.
Frequent power outages have increased the pain of farmers, Kalyani said.
\"Instead of using an electronic weighing machine, we use physical balances that may not be accurate,\" he said . \".
A senior agriculture ministry official said they provided farmers with 60 weighing machines and 20 weighing scales as backup.
\"It would be useful if more weighing machines were allocated,\" he said . \".
The official confirmed that although there was no official proposal to reform the model, the market was still on track and that there was money available to the department every month.
\"We want the department to make this market a model market,\" he said . \"
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