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Summary of the use problems of food metal detectors

by:Kenwei      2022-06-13
Nowadays, the application of food metal detectors is very common, but everyone, especially novices, will encounter a series of problems in the process of using them. In order to facilitate the use of metal detectors, Guangdong Kenwei Technology has compiled some common problems for reference. 1. What are the functions of the reset button of the food metal detector? (1) Memory function. This button needs to be held down when powering on or adjusting parameters, and then release it after other knobs are adjusted. It records the intensity of each knob adjustment as the user adjusts to ensure stable work and good condition. (2) Reset function. During the user's use, it is used for the detection of actual occasions. The food metal detector is sometimes disturbed by the outside world, or memorizes the metal signal underground, which leads to the constant alarm. At this time, the reset button must be pressed for about a few seconds. The clock is released again in order to clear the original memory (note: sometimes you need to press it several times). 2. The pointer does not return to zero when using the food metal detector to detect? The pointer of the food metal detector is the reference for adjusting the instrument, and the pointer should be zeroed as the benchmark when adjusting the detector. In the actual detection, the vibration of the instrument and the influence of the material will cause the pointer to deviate slightly. At this time, whether metal foreign objects are detected should be judged according to the sound of the instrument. 3. What is the reason for the noise of the food metal detector? The food metal detector makes noise inexplicably. It is necessary to check the surrounding environment of the metal detector, because the frequency conversion equipment has a great influence on the metal detector and needs to be kept away. In addition, if there is relatively large metal around the metal detector, it may cause magnetic field interference problems and abnormal noises when testing products. 4. The food metal detector does not alarm when it detects foreign metal objects. The problem of this kind of food metal detector is mainly the problem of equipment configuration. Find the product parameters at the setting and adjust the relevant parameters.
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