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such a criminal phenomenon

by:Kenwei      2019-09-09
If you enter the crime section before Sudoku or reading crossword games and thrive on crime shows on TV, don\'t worry that you are not an anti-social person.
Although until recently, the Nordic countries ranked the happiest and most peaceful in the Global Peace Index, one cannot ignore that the number of people killed in their country\'s crime novels is more than the region itself.
Scandinavian crime fiction writer Stig Larsson or Anne Holt is not able to better write scripts for criminals like Anders Belin Breivik, the Norwegian Holocaust murderer.
According to Zac O\'Yeah, a Swedish crime fiction writer based in Bangalore, \"In general, I think, in addition to the fact that detective fiction will give you a lot of cheap intellectual stimulation to help you resist boredom, I also suspect that crime fiction satisfies psychological needs and, in a sense, solves some of the bigger social problems that plague people.
Readers naturally tend to read books that solve problems that plague them.
He went on to confirm his statement, saying, \"in India, I noticed that there is a crime novel that does a better job than other novels --
Horror thriller.
Of course, in metal detectors at railway stations, shopping malls and cinemas, we are constantly being reminded of this threat, or in the face of complex identification and address proof checks in order to obtain a prepaid SIM card.
\"On the screen, the striking story of the big and small early last month was the Neeraj Grover murder, and Maria Susairaj walked freely after serving three years in prison.
This story has now become the premise of RGV\'s current box --
\"Not another love story \".
When it comes to highly sensational crime, the media has brought a series of conspiracy theories and intricate explanations to the world, including sex, lies and video tapes.
The audience will circle it all like the spring of the Sahara.
Recently, the phenomenon of \"Dexter\" appeared on TV, which made crime a moral debate.
Dexter is a blood splash analyst at the Miami Police Department and moonlight for serial killers.
In addition to his crime, which eliminated evil in society, his victims were rapists, murderers and child molesters.
Another big blow is the \"castle\", where a crime fiction writer teamed up with the New York Police Department when collectively solving crime and getting the bad guys to complete their mission. Dr. V. R.
St. maducar, senior consultant psychiatrist
Marthas Hospital put aside any fear that we might have about the fixation of this dark world to rest, \"First of all, the whole idea of crime is numb, so the idea of watching a crime show won\'t scare them.
Also, whether it\'s sex, crime or sensational, there will be an audience for anything that gets noticed and ensures the ratings.
This is a natural curiosity and everyone is interested in the plot, planning and exhibition of the event.
The shows and movies have some attractions, as well as some suspense and curiosity about how criminals work.
This does not mean that everyone will commit a crime;
Only those who are already vulnerable and have a tendency to commit crimes may yield.
\"My obsession with crime stories begins with a small half --
Sankar, a 32-year-old software professional, said: \"The stories of baking crimes have been reported in newspapers before, and then moved there to look for Agatha Christie and Mary Higgins Clark . \".
\"But now we have a whole
Within an hour, a premise, a detective, a lab expert, and a crime case that has been resolved are packed with plots.
It was an exciting experience.
I watched the crime show as part of the excitement of solving the mystery.
Saurabh Yagnik, general manager and senior vice president of the Star India Private Limited English Channel, further explained the idea, \"Yes, crime is one of the most popular types of entertainment in the world, so people have a big appetite.
According to statistics, Agatha Christie is by far the most widely read novel, sold more than 4 billion copies, 25% of the novels read in the world are criminal novels, closer to home, at present, seven of the top ten novels are read in the fields of Crime and Investigation.
Humans tend to have a basic instinct to try to understand, analyze, and solve the mysteries behind the unknown before the unknown is solved for us.
\"Everything about crime must be attractive.
Whether in newspapers, in novels on television, or in movies-if it is not important to find a body in a fishing net of a fishing boat somewhere on the high seas, or be thrown away in dirty alleys, as long as there is a dead person in the story, real or fictional, you nailed the coffin
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