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simple metal detector

by:Kenwei      2019-08-22
The other day, when I was searching for instructions, I came across an interesting and simple circuit for metal detectors.
It is built with 555, coils and some other components.
What motivates me to do this project is this project.
The main debate is: does it really work?
After a quick study, I found this video to prove its effectiveness.
That was when I decided to do the metal detector myself.
I believe you should read more about metal detectors and how they work before you start working on them.
I am not responsible for any damage that occurs during reproduction. Parts: -555 -
47 k Ω resistance-
2 μ2f capacitance-PCB -
9 V battery, switch, battery cable and some wires-buzzer -
Copper wire 100 m, diameter 0, mm-
You can use 10 μF capacitors and speakers (8 Ω impendence). Tools: -
Bread boards and wires
Pliers, tweezers, pliers for holes
Soldering iron and branding-
Sharp knives, rulers, pencils and compasses
This idea is not mine.
I found the schematic on this page (
There are 499 other 555 projects).
I only added the Switch Battery and the circuit and I was using the buzzer instead of the speaker.
Making coils is the most difficult part.
What helps a lot is the network calculator of the air coil.
With them, I figured it out. With a roll of 90mm centimeters wide, I need an inductance of about 250 winding and a diameter of 70mm 290 winding.
You can also buy the coils that have been made online.
I made the coil core with cardboard.
The coil is made of paint copper wire with diameter 0 and mm.
I turned 260 laps.
You have to clean both ends of the coil before welding.
You can do this with the help of sandpaper.
The test was successful.
Because I made the PCB.
The way I do PCB in this project is the same.
What I want, the final product looks good.
So I decided to make the handle with cardboard.
The handle can hold batteries, switches, circuits and coils.
First of all, I drew a sketch.
No measurement results.
First of all, I did three things that would eventually be the handle.
The second task is to cut the opening of the battery and switch.
Then I stick the handle together, glue the wood together, and let it dry for 12 hours (
Through the Night).
When the glue dried, I made a hole in the area where the switch was located.
The hole was worn by wires.
The last but not listed thing to do is to stick the coil to the handle.
I made it with hot glue.
I tested the finished metal detector: This detector is really very simple.
But I must point out that this is not for serious work.
It doesn\'t work when I test it outside.
But this is a simple and interesting project for beginners.
I have to say, I had a great time making and using it!
I wish you the best of luck in making this metal detector and having fun while using it.
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