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silk wonders

by:Kenwei      2019-08-20
\"Patta\" means Silk and \"chithra\" means painting.
Thus, \"pattachitra\" refers to paintings made of silk, \"explains Narayan Sahoo, an expert artist at Odisha, who attended Dastkar in the Hall of Sankara
10: 00 on March 14-28. m. – 9 p. m. ).
\"I started learning this craft at the age of 20, which was the first generation of artists in my family.
I live in Raghurajpur, a craft village with over 3000 artists who are experts in pattachitra and palm leaf painting and engraving.
\"It\'s a demanding art that thrives on detail and sheer complexity,\" he added, raising a 13 \"x 40\" carving that took 200 days to complete
The work is themed on the central stage of Krishna, with flutes and Radha under flowering branches, surrounded by a Dasha Ouattara panel consisting of leaves and tendrils.
The dim beige gloss of the palm leaves is dramatically framed by the rich deep red fabric pipes on the edges.
Palm leaves are collected, measured and cut according to the theme to be depicted.
Next, they were stitched together.
Use large needles and strong cotton thread with thick leaf panels.
The design is drawn with a pencil on the front and then carved with the point of the needle.
Now the surface is brushed and the light is black (soot)
Collect from the soil plate placed on the cotton wick and burn with kerosene.
Earlier, it was dyed with the juice of the broken leaves.
Soot enters the carved fine Forest, and the design is clearly selected in black.
The picture was washed in the water.
Then in the border design, use the blade to cut the blank area around the edge of the line.
This work is only done in front of I. e.
Through the depth of the top leaves, the surface leaves below remain intact.
Again, each Dasavatara pattern is contained in a circle where the edges of the circle are cut and can be folded into two moons, one on top and one on the bottom, make room for the usual plant and animal or Odissi dance poses for additional patterns.
Finally, for contrast, a red cotton border is stitched on it.
The selected topics are traditional, such as Radha Krishna, Ganesha and Ramayana.
Tussar is used for silk painting, in silk painting, the pattern is drawn with a thin brush dipped in the black of the lamp.
These lightweight items are ideal for gift giving, finding a steady stream of buyers among foreign tourists and NRIs.
Prices from Rs. 700 – Rs. 25,000.
The kashik Kundu Terracotta Warriors from West Bengal are custom made
Made for \"kolu\" enthusiasts looking for new add-on features
On their Navaratri display.
His clay man and doll are made from the soft and smooth \"chikni mitti\" of the river bed, blending the details. The oft-
The story of the thirsty crow is alive in the decoration work.
When the pot is made of chikni mitti, the crow perched above is made of harder Clay, fused with the pot and fired in medium to low heat
Finally, the color is painted.
A shoemaker and an umbrella maker, along with a statue of a fruit and vegetable vendor with weighing scales, give a sense of reality.
There are also striking terracotta clocks, vases and pens on display.
Other handicrafts at the exhibition include handmade looms and Khadi materials and clothing, miniature paintings, gems, silver, meenakari, V-
Metal and a gram of gold jewelry, corner stands, room dividers, chairs and tables, colorful channapattana and kondapalli toys, sheets and carpets, jaipur quilts are from lac artwork in Kashmir, rose planks and utility projects from different states in India.
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