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sikhs in airport \'disrespect\' demo

by:Kenwei      2019-08-28
Thousands of Sikhs will gather in London today to protest their harassment at European airports.
The noon demonstration in Parliament Square will be held in parallel with the demonstrations in the other four capitals to protest Sikh\'s alleged intimidation and disrespect of their beliefs at European airports.
They say that in recent months the problems experienced by Sikhs traveling from the UK at the airport have become more and more serious and, despite their successful passage of the security scanner, have been asked to remove the headscarf.
The campaign is coordinated by Sikh, a cable television station in Birmingham and London that broadcasts to international audiences.
Abingash Singh, from Hayes, west London, and his wife Balraj, who recently appeared on the Channel, described their experience at the Italian airport and officials forced him to remove the headscarf.
Singh said: \"After Sikhs contributed in the World War and after Sikhs made positive contributions to European society, this treatment is deeply disturbing.
Today\'s demo-
In line with similar protests in Brussels, Rome and Madrid that will be connected via live links and displayed on the big screen --
It is expected that community leaders and Sikh celebrities, as well as former advisers from members of Wolverhampton and Tony Blair Pat McFadyen, will attend the meeting.
The organization argues that there is no legitimate security reason to dismantle the turbine that successfully passed the scanner.
It called on European governments to investigate the treatment of Sikhs at the airport and to negotiate with European partners who found Sikhs to be abused.
A spokesman for the Sikh Channel said: \"Reports from all over Europe indicate that our Sikh brothers were forced to take off their headscarves during security checks at the airport.
\"This is a completely unacceptable violation of our faith, and it is also completely unnecessary because of the headscarf with metal detectors or x-ray machine.
Activists said: \"The demonstration will also include retired military personnel and Fauja Singh, the world\'s oldest marathon runner.
Aviation minister Theresa villies said: \"I am fully aware of the cultural and religious sensitivity of the Sikh headscarf, which is why when the Sikh community is concerned about the EU\'s new rules for searching for turbines at airports, the current government acted quickly.
\"We had contacts with community leaders and got permission from the European Commission to conduct trials at some British airports.
\"This trial is designed to determine whether safety standards can be maintained in screening religious headwear without the need for manual searches.
\"I also wrote to the European ministers responsible for aviation safety, explaining the trial and stressing the importance that the UK attaches to resolving the issue.
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