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show me the money: modern day treasure hunters find gold, change in unlikely spots

by:Kenwei      2019-08-23
Finding treasure is more than just a movie character. Real-
Life adventure hunters discover thousands of dollars worth of treasures in their own backyard.
Let\'s take Tim seller and George WIHN. They have their own metal detection equipment.
For the theme of the \"Company Python treasure.
During the day, seller wrote software for an insurance company, and his friend Wyne was a copper dealer.
But by the end of the week, people in Montana took metal detection to a new level.
\"We are not completely normal,\" said Wyant . \"
\"We don\'t think entertainment, comedy and treasure-hunting must be mutually exclusive.
\"Six years ago, with the help of a basic metal detector, it was a hobby that they used in the local fields and in the old swimming pool, it has grown into a dollar worth.
They unearthed silver coins, rare car tokens and badges, and civil war buckles. -
This is just the tip of the iceberg.
These friends are part of a growing community and they say invest in a metal detector if you want to find money and have some fun.
\"Anyone can buy a metal detector and do what we should do,\" Wyant said . \".
\"You can use a $200 machine to dig coins in the park all day long.
Very cheap.
\"The advice from seller and Whane is that when people wear sunscreen, the ring will fall off more easily.
After checking out in the morning, check out the concert venue and check out the public space with the concert.
The morning after the big event, valuables, including cash and electronics, were almost always found.
Looking for trees in the fields of the country, looking for clusters of trees in other vast fields.
This is a symbol of an ancient home, where there are often buried treasures. Know the Law!
Finally, it is said that laws on metal detection should be understood.
National Park is not allowed.
No, but it is often found in city parks.
Check the park website to find out where it can be detected and where it cannot be detected.
If Silver is not your thing, what about diamonds?
Lafite Stephen is self.
Describe the city miners in New York City.
For most days, Stephanian can find it on both hands and knees on the 47th Street in the center of the Diamond area, looking for diamonds, rubies and gold, which he says is discarded and stuck in sidewalk cracks.
On the most recent day, on 47th Street, Stephanian searched on Twitter for less than three minutes and found a considerable piece of gold.
Within five minutes, he found a diamond.
Diamond dealers in the area say it\'s not a joke.
Obviously, there are gems and metal drops on 47 streets every week.
\"I lost something in this city,\" said Diamond dealer Matthew Gabriel . \".
Runners drop things every day. -jewels, gems --
When they deliver the goods
\"Since Stephanie started his 47 Street mining adventures, he has found thousands of dollars worth of pearls, zicrystals, emeralds, diamonds, rubies and a lot of gold dust.
His enthusiasm for the streets of the mining city not only attracted his attention, but also won the favor of a broker.
You don\'t need to invest in metal detectors or gold rush materials to put the treasure in your pocket.
In the parking lot, you can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars with a pair of sharp eyes.
When members of the Humphries family run errands in Brooklyn, their eyes are looking for change.
In just over five years, the family has found more than $1,200, mostly pennies, five cents and a dime.
The family recorded on its blog \"Changbo\" looking for a return for change.
According to the family, the best places to find a change include the shopping center parking lot, the university campus and inside and outside the airport security checkpoint.
\"We found, in
In the income community, we find that the biggest changes are usually pennies and five coins.
\"We can\'t find anything in higher income,\" said Barbara Humphries.
\"I guess they might carry credit and debit cards.
\"The family\'s biggest finding is a $100 bill in Atlantic City.
They say they find change almost every time they go out.
Just look at it.
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