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should hotels have metal detectors and baggage x-rays to stop terrorist attacks?

by:Kenwei      2019-08-24
People flocked to the streets after the Manila hotel shooting.
Source: before the US vice president left, the story outside the continental Sydney was safe.
Image: Australian news group: in order to restore confidence in tourism safety, guests of Australian news group hotels should face the same security checks as international air travelers.
David Bellman, tourism lecturer at Sydney Polytechnic University, called for \"global governance\" on the safety of the accommodation sector, similar to the safety of the aviation and cruise industries.
Security is the biggest global challenge facing tourism, he said.
\"This week\'s event (
Including the London attacks and the Manila casino)
\"This should be a wake-up call aimed at expanding global security standards in the accommodation and activities sector,\" said Dr. Beirman . \".
\"I think, just as we are used to being shown when we arrive at the airport, we may have to start taking a serious look at the hospitality industry.
Dr. Beirman said that while it would be a daunting task, the industry \"must see every effort to protect its most valuable assets --
Customer and reputation \".
Does the hotel need to be more secure when terrorists try different ways of attacking?
Picture: thinkstock source: Richard Munro, chief executive of Australia\'s accomation stock hover Accommodation Association, said the industry was too diverse to develop a \"one-size-fits-all\" security plan.
\"I think where there is a problem in the world, they have implemented higher security levels like Bali, where the guards carry submarines
\"Machine guns check every vehicle entering the resort or parking lot,\" Munro said . \"
\"I don\'t think it\'s appropriate or necessary for Australia, it\'s not a good idea to start installing metal detectors in hotels.
Carol Giuseppi, CEO of Travel Accommodation Australia, said the hotel was designed to be \"hospitable\" but still attaches great importance to safety issues.
\"All hotels have a risk assessment process and they accept advice from the police and a range of other sources,\" said Sid MS Giuseppi . \".
\"They are often told this and the staff are trained accordingly.
\"After the terrorist attacks in London, the busy Heathrow airport is not expected to become busier.
Source: AFP/Daniel Leal-
OlivasSource: Despite Malaysia Airlines\'s offer to refund passengers who canceled their reservations to London, the impact of the recent terrorist attacks on London\'s vast tourism industry is not expected to be serious.
Other airlines did not follow suit, and the advice of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for travellers to the UK did not change when \"normal precautions were taken.
Haydn Long, a spokesman for the flight center, said they received some phone calls on Sunday, but friends and family from Australian travelers.
\"When a tragedy like this happened in London in the past, we saw a very similar reaction,\" Mr Long said . \".
\"Generally speaking, Australians are ready to travel as planned.
\"June is the biggest month for Australians to travel to the UK, with 85,100 people traveling to the UK last year.
Phil Sylvester, Travel safety expert at Travel Insurance, said that according to the attack on Saturday night, people who want to cancel their London reservation will not be included.
\"This is because we are unable to estimate the final cost of large-scale terrorist incidents, so in order to reduce the premium for everyone at all other times, we have excluded these incidents, Mr. Hill said.
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