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shocking moment man in dock for sex crimes pulls a knife and tries to slash prosecutor

by:Kenwei      2019-08-31
A sexual offender shot from the prosecutor\'s dock in an attempt to stab them.
Shocking CCTV footageyear-
Old Joshua Harding pulled out a blade from his sleeve and tried to \"chop down\" assistant prosecutor Jonathan Ross.
When Harding was thrown to the ground by the police in court, the crude tip was only a few inches away from Ross\'s face.
The abnormal man was taken to court from the Ingham County prison in Michigan, and was then handcuffed by security personnel, one of whom was injured in the face.
Since then, Harding has been convicted of second-class criminal acts and will be sentenced next month, pending further charges of his outbreak in court.
The safety of the Veterans Memorial Court was also reviewed after a massive lapse on Tuesday.
Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth said that although the public, lawyers and the media need to go through metal detectors and X-
The prisoners who came out of the prison did not enter the court.
He added that the matter was under investigation after the incident.
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