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security guard is shot at anacostia high

by:Kenwei      2019-08-25
Yesterday morning, a security officer at the district\'s anakastia high school was shot while taking a gun from a student who tried to steal the entrance through a metal detector in front of the school\'s crowded door, the police said.
Devonya Smith, a school system spokeswoman, said Roscoe Thomas III, 26, a safety supervisor and assistant football coach at Anacostia, suffered minor injuries in his right hand.
He was treated in Washington. C.
And released.
The young man who allegedly shot him, a 17-year-old ninth-
Arrested and accused of attacking teenagers with lethal weapons.
His name was concealed due to his age.
Police and school officials praised Thomas and 37-year-old security officer Karen Gray for arming the students and said the shooting could be worse, though unfortunate.
\"Guns may enter the school and teachers or students may be shot,\" Patrick V. Said . \".
D. Fiel, director of safetyC. public schools.
Security has the upper hand. . . .
They did what they were supposed to do.
Authorities say the student detonated the metal detector at about 8: 50. m.
Gray stopped the youth and patted him, touching what she thought was a weapon in his left jacket pocket.
Fiel said Gray put her hand in the teen\'s pocket and she escorted him about 50 yards down the hall to the school safety office, away from students and staff.
Fiel said Thomas joined Gray in the office and began taking out the gun, but the student put his hand in his pocket and tried to get the gun back.
In the struggle, the gun rang.
A bullet went through Thomas\'s hand.
Police say they are investigating whether the young man was accidentally or deliberately shooting, and why he brought his weapons to school in the first place.
According to the school system policy, the student will be advised to be deported, Smith said.
This gun, a small one-
The caliber is automatic, it is in D. C.
The school this year, Fiel said.
Security officials also confiscated 145 other weapons, including knives and razors.
This is the first shooting in D. C.
Since April 1997, a security officer has been shot for the third time in the history of the school system.
Anacostia, 900-
Student schools in SE 16 and R Street have struggled in recent years with student discipline and staff mobility.
On 1997, after a classroom fight ended with the arrest of a teacher and a student, the two
Thirty-three faculty members refused to work in protest.
Security officials say the atmosphere has improved significantly since President Mildred Musgrove took office 11 months ago.
Students are now required to wear ID cards at all times.
The school has conveyor belt X-
X-ray machine to check the student backpack, it also depends on the closed
Circuit security cameras and metal detectors.
\"There are indeed safety measures in schools.
\"Of course, they worked this morning,\" said school spokesman Smith . \".
\"We commend the guards for their prompt and alert actions.
\"Thomas, big but soft
The person who attended D. \'S speechC.
Public schools themselves and live in cities.
School safety officials say he is well received by anakastia students and this fall he begins to guide the line of defense for anakastia Indians.
In previous seasons, Thomas provided security at home football matches, and his guard uniform in white shirts and gray casual pants was a reassuring vigilant figure.
His father retired. C.
Police officers, also employed by private companies that provide security for D. C.
A school that works as a night supervisor.
Staff writer John W.
The fountain contributed to the report.
Description: police technicians took evidence from anakastia high school after shooting a security officer.
School officials talk to D. C.
An anakastia high school security officer was shot while trying to take a pistol from a student.
Police are investigating whether the shooting was accidental and why the students brought the gun to school. ec CAPTION: D. C.
Police and school officials outside anakastia high school.
The school is equipped with metal detectors and X-
Machine and enclosed
Circuit security camera
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