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security a constant worry for us holocaust museum

by:Kenwei      2019-08-28
Armed guards, metal detectors and X-
At the Memorial Museum of the American Holocaust, the shooting machine greets visitors.
Traffic barriers block trucks like trucks that detonate Alfred P.
Mora Federal Building in Oklahoma City
Long before the museum opened in 1993, officials had been preparing for the possibility of hatred --fueled attack.
But until Wednesday, a white supremacist allegedly walked in with a rifle, never before shooting a security guard.
\"When you deal with racism, genocide and the Holocaust, you \'ve put up a lightning bolt,\" said Bill Parsons, chief of staff at the museum . \".
88 police chargesyear-
Old James von Bruen was murdered in the death of guard Stephen T. Johns.
Authorities say Feng Bruen, who is still in critical condition at a Washington hospital, was shot in the face during an exchange of fire with other guards. He left a counter.
According to court documents, Jews screamed in a car parked outside the museum.
The museum has been the target of white supremacists and anti-racists since the opening ceremony
Flash protests.
Parsons said the Thunder explosion was a turning point because the museum saw a bigger potential threat --
Scale of domestic terrorism
In the 2002 incident, prosecutors revealed that two members of the white supremacist organization had planned to build a fertilizer bomb --
Just like the one used in the city of oclarah.
Blow up the museum.
Officials said the two wanted to incite a racial war.
The museum has developed a training program for the guards with the help of D. C.
Police and the FBI
Officials at the Holocaust Museum will not have a more specific description of their security measures, and the museum is not the most heavily guarded museum in the United States, according to cultural property security experts and the American Museum Association.
Steve Lane, CEO of Denver
Headquartered at Layne Consultants International, he won\'t say which museum is the safest, but he does say that the Holocaust Museum is \"specially protected\", where security officials deal with it in a \"exemplary way\"
\"This is the first such shooting incident at the American Museum, he said, and may result in more museums and other property being protected.
Layne said it was unusual for the museum to have armed guards, but Linda St, spokesman for the Smithsonian Institution.
Thomas says there is at least one in every museum.
Yesterday, other Holocaust and Jewish heritage museums and sites in Los Angeles, Illinois, Ohio and Florida strengthened security to prevent imitation attacks.
In New York City, police have dispatched counter-terrorism teams to major Jewish sites.
Although Layne and the other D. C.
Officials in charge of how the guards handled Wednesday\'s attacks, representing their Washington regional director, Assane Faye, said they could have been better protected.
Faye Wong said he asked the guards to be equipped with bullet-proof clothes during union talks two years ago, but they did not.
\"There are some crazy people out there. . .
\"This is my argument at the table and what we need to do,\" he said . \".
Wackenhut Services.
He said his chest was hit by a bullet.
In response to Faye Wong\'s statement, spokesman Susan Pitcher said yesterday that all officials were wearing the appropriate equipment set out in the union contract.
The chief of staff of the museum, Parsons, said the agency owed \"huge debt\" to guards who prevented tourists from being injured on Wednesday \".
\"There is no shortage of hatred in the world, but when hatred happens to you, your colleagues
\"The workers are very painful,\" he said.
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