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Scope of application of food metal detectors

by:Kenwei      2022-06-13
one. Scope of application: The food metal detector is mainly used for: sauces, sausages, dumplings, ham, soups, candies, preserved foods, salted foods, fast foods, food additives, starch, glucose, tobacco, fresh meat, dairy products It is suitable for product detection with strong product effect and other industries with extremely high requirements for detection sensitivity, anti-interference ability and waterproof. , copper, aluminum, tin, stainless steel and other metals. SA-506 Touch Screen Intelligent Metal Detector Food Metal Detector can also be used for iron metals in meat, fungi, candy, beverages, grains, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, aquatic products, health products, additives and condiments and other foods. Detection of non-ferrous metal impurities. two. Features: 1. Adopt balanced principle, more stable and reliable, better performance; 2. The phase adjustment technology can adjust the product and effectively suppress the product effect; 3. 3. The combination of DSP and MCU performs data sampling and data processing on the detection signal, which improves the detection effect; 4. The direct digital frequency generator generates a sine wave whose frequency, phase and amplitude can be adjusted, which changes the difficult adjustment and coordination of analog circuit parameters, and can easily adjust various parameters such as sensitivity; 5. 5. Liquid crystal display panel, Chinese and English operation menus, users can choose according to their needs, with a good man-machine dialogue interface; 5. 7. It has a one-button self-learning function of product characteristics, which can intelligently and fully automatically learn and memorize product characteristics, without manual adjustment of parameters, and is easy to operate; 7. It has 100 kinds of product parameter memory function, which can store the detection parameters of 100 kinds of products. After one setting, there is no need to adjust it again. It can be called when the product is detected; 8. The lever automatically removes defective products, saving labor costs and improving production efficiency. Sensitivity depends on two factors: aperture size and operating frequency. The smaller the aperture, the higher the sensitivity of the probe. For example, a hole with a height of 50mm will only be able to detect 0.5mm of metal. Second, the higher the frequency, the higher the sensitivity. However, increasing the frequency does not automatically mean increasing the detection capability, as it may cause the food itself to generate a strong signal to the detector, which is often referred to as the product effect. Therefore, our goal is to identify a maximum frequency that does not appear to fail. In this way, the detector can detect contamination and not send false alarms. For best results, specific test parameters for each product to be tested should be determined, automatically recorded and retained. The industry standard it uses to test the performance of metal detectors is the size of the various metal balls the detector detects. But in reality, the contaminants may be in the form of pieces of wire or sheet metal. They produce different signals to the detector depending on the position in the detector aperture, the so-called azimuth effect.
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