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scanner finds ring inside puppy

by:Kenwei      2019-08-31
The metal detector saved Barney\'s life.
After he swallowed a diamondencrusted ring.
The 40-year-old owner Karen Woolley could not find a trace of it after the priceless biography heir disappeared from her bedside table.
Spot ring in Barney\'s belly \"alttext =\" Tum-
Something\'s wrong . . . . . . Owner Karen Woolley found the ring in Barney\'s stomach with a detector \"> The owner of the bed and breakfast began to doubt her sixmonth-
Old Cocker dog
Cross sneered and scanned him with a metal detector.
Get a tell-
The story of the machine.
If nature allowed him to go, the ring was big enough to kill him.
But Barney was rushed to the vet for surgery to get it out in time.
He is now recovering from his home in Trenton.
\"It\'s a strange thing to use a metal detector, and I didn\'t expect it to work,\" Karen said.
This ring has a history of more than 100 years and my family has passed away.
It\'s usually on my fingers, but I take it off and take a shower.
I am sad to lose it, but I slowly understand that it is very likely to be in the dog.
We have an old metal detector and I want to use it in the fields near our home.
\"When I crossed Barney\'s chest, it suddenly disappeared and after 20 minutes it lit up his stomach --
So this mystery is solved.
If it is not removed quickly, the three diamonds that stretch out may cause potential fatal damage to his intestines.
\"He recovered well after the operation and I had a ring on my finger.
There is no lasting damage to it or him, but in the future when I take it off, I will make sure it is safely placed in the drawer.
\"Jane McClaren at the rudington veterinary center where Barney lives --
Saving op said: \"The Puppy may be very curious and we advise the owner not to touch the small items. ”a. parker@the-sun. co.
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