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rmc, snack makers’ meet on plastic inconclusive | rajkot news - times of india

by:Kenwei      2019-09-17
RAJKOT: Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC)
Officials and snack makers held a meeting on Monday on the handling of multi-layer plastics used by manufacturers as wrapping paper for snacks.
Public groups recommend the manufacture of garbage-derived fuels (RDF)
From the waste generated by these packets to the manufacturer.
However, the manufacturer is still working on the cost details of the work and can only disclose its cost-effectiveness at a meeting next week.
According to RMC, the city produces nearly 50 tons of plastic wrapping paper waste every day.
This plastic is not.
Recyclable but keep food fresh for a long time.
RMC recommends that namkeen manufacturers buy back this plastic waste from the pickers, who normally do not pick this useless plastic waste by paying a reasonable amount.
Thereafter, manufacturers can produce RDF from this waste at the Nakaravadi waste dumping site.
The resulting fuel has a calorific value of 3000 kg and can be used in several boilers and cement plants.
Nilesh Parmar, environmental engineer at RMC, said, \"manufacturers can get this fuel in Nakaravadi by using a press machine, in which they can also handle plastics.
Members of all major snack producers attended the meeting and asked for more time to discuss prospects with their management, according to civic groups.
The RMC also requires them to keep a strict record of the amount of plastic they enter the market and the amount they recycle and reuse.
It warned that the RMC would enforce heavy penalties due to a violation of this rule.
RMC officials said it was the only civic group in the state that seriously considered the problem of multi-layer plastic disposal.
Guthka has used plastic since it was banned.
However, it is difficult to ban plastics in food packaging, as this material does not allow the weather to affect the products packed inside.
According to Rule 2016 of plastic waste management issued by the joint Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, namkeen manufacturers must establish a mechanism to re-
Collect and recycle their plastic waste.
The rules also provide that it is the responsibility of producers using multi-layer plastic packaging to reset plastic waste
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