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refugee protesters storm question time – but how did it happen?

by:Kenwei      2019-08-29
It\'s one of the safest buildings in the country, with submarines. machine-gun-
Police guarding the entrance.
So how did a group of refugee protesters armed with super glue enter the parliament building, forcing the time to ask questions to be suspended?
Guests at the Parliament House will be subject to the same security check as the US airport
Pockets are emptied, packets sent via X-
Ray scanner, they will be photographed if the visitor triggers the metal
Detection scanner
From there, guests have relatively free control over public areas until they try to enter the House or Senate when each chamber meets.
Restrictions on the gallery are more stringent, and all bags and mobile phones are registered in the main cloakroom before entering where all activities take place.
There is a second metal detector when approaching the chamber-
Alas, it looks like super glue will not trigger the alarm.
Question Time, highest-
The overview time of democratic day is a popular time.
People buy tickets.
This is a simple process;
Interested public can call Serjeant-at-
Military Office to reserve seats
ABC knows that tickets are still available at around 9: 30 this morning.
Once you go in, you go in.
The parliamentary security department was asked to remove protesters who had to use some sort of solvent to dissolve the super glue that stuck their hands on the green leather railing.
Federal Police of Australia (AFP)
Also, under the agreement, they can only enter the building with the permission of the Speaker of the House and the chairman of the Senate --
This is a protected shelter for Parliament.
Agence France-Presse told ABC in a statement, \"there have been talks with some people and no charges have been made yet.
The Commonwealth public sector union told ABC that security issues continue.
\"Our members are concerned that there are not enough security personnel assigned to the House and Parliament,\" Beth Vincent, deputy secretary of the Union-Pietsch said.
\"We know that the opposition has raised the issue of security resources in its estimates.
\"Difficult People are very important --
The staff of Parliament and the dedicated security staff were not blamed for what had happened.
They have not set up the security procedures they operate below and have not worked hard to resolve today\'s riots.
\"In the security restrictions discussion at the parliament building, all of this has become hot.
A call was made to surround the building with fences to stop people from walking around the iconic green lawns that grow on the sloping roofs of the People\'s Court.
Despite the larger and aggressive protests, as early as 1996, protests forced the installation of bolsters in front of the building and the front yard.
Recently, Parliament imposed seemingly arbitrary restrictions on clothing.
Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott was forced to intervene to lift the ban on women sitting in Parliament\'s main public gallery covering their faces.
Last year, a reporter was told to take his T-
Because it shows a newspaper title that is considered offensive. Topics:federal-
Parliament, refugees, immigration, governmentand-
Federal politics
Government, activismand-
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