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rats chew through $us25,000 at indian atm

by:Kenwei      2019-09-17
This is a different cash machine robbery: The attacker is a hungry rodent.
In northeastern India, at least one mouse slid down a hole behind the ATM and began to eat.
The police said it had exceeded the dollar by the time it was completed. $A25,595)
The bill was torn apart.
On June 11, when technicians went to the town of tatinsukya to repair a broken cash machine at the state-owned Bank of India, they found a dead mouse in it and an Indian note worth nearly 1 pound.
3 million rupees, or slightly more than US dollars, chew into pieces.
Police chief Mugdha Jyoti Mahanta said Friday that the mouse entered the ATM through a small hole in the cable.
Notes at 500RS and 2,000
Rupee denomination
The ATMs have broken down since May 20, officials said.
An official at the National Bank of India said the machine was handled by another company.
\"We were surprised by what happened.
\"An investigation has been ordered,\" said animal Debroy, the official.
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