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ramirez made dream of owning his own business a reality

by:Kenwei      2019-08-18
Engaged in retail work since the age of 6
He helped weigh and pack dry goods at his aunt\'s grocery store.
He is eager to start his own business.
With the progress of his life, he got married and had children and worked for various companies, and ramami Ramires never lost the desire to be his own boss.
\"I think he always feels like he has his own business and he will have more control over his life,\" said Roy Ramires, his eldest son. said. Although he co-
Over the years, he had many laundromat, and it was not until the partnership broke down that he realized his dream of opening a cafe that eventually became known as the cafe PopoMini Mart-Washateria.
Ramires died in January. 14 at 85.
Dropped out of school at the age of 13, and Ramires started at H-E-
B. By the time he was in his early 30 s, he had already worked hard with the manager.
Ramires and his brother invest in Laundromatin-
The law maintained the machines over the weekend, while their wives and children \"cleaned, dried and folded\" by cleaning\"
Roy Ramires recalled.
Ramires was the Shasta District manager when he was with his brother. in-
The law parted ways, leaving rami\'s laundry facilities in a building on Russell and North Flores Street.
\"They made it into three different businesses,\" his daughter said . \"
\"The middle part is the washbasin, then the Daddy\'s Mini.
Everything sells Matt.
\"The third business that started a few years later was a cafe run by rami Rees\' wife Andrea.
\"You can eat and wash your clothes,\" his daughter said . \".
\"You can buy it if you need detergent.
\"The couple creatively made extra money, saving the eggshells from the restaurant all year round, allowing the carkaron to sell, make and sell tamales during the carnival, sell laundry soap bags they bought at a discount.
Ramires, no one except his wife knows, often helps his employees to pay their tuition or rent to go to college if needed.
\"He will do this kind of thing, but will never tell anyone,\" said Roy Ramires . \".
\"Maybe because he got some rest in his life, he wanted to help people.
\"The couple has been operating for more than 30 years and retired after Andrea Ramires was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003.
\"They are in their 70 s and are still working,\" said Roy Ramires . \".
\"I think the only reason they ended up stopping was because of my mom\'s health.
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