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police fitness test: going through the motions of law enforcement

by:Kenwei      2019-09-11
There is some comfort knowing that I am able to drag 150 unconscious if needed to appear
There is a pound on the smooth surface of 15 m.
If I say it myself, I will draw a fence too.
But I have some work to do if I need to arrest someone (
I mean, you never know).
Now, I don\'t physically have the ability to handcuff someone who is even a little resistant.
Before wearing the uniform, and even before entering the Ontario Police Academy, every aspiring police officer in the province must pass a challenging fitness test called \"prepare\", and the police\'s physical readiness assessment.
On Saturday, at the first women\'s preparation challenge, I took the test with dozens of people who wanted to be police and would love to know if I would.
I am very confident to come to the Toronto Police Academy.
I ride my bike around, do yoga, and I\'m training a half marathon.
I had a healthy breakfast and had a good night\'s sleep. I was ready.
Then I failed very quickly.
The first course called The Chase/restraint circuit looks easy and a bit like a gym --
There are Towers, a set of stairs and some obstacle courses for weighing machines.
But the combination of aerobic exercise, strength testing and inexcusable time constraints makes preparation difficult.
What you have to do is: Finish a 25-
The meter circuit is four times, including up and down a set of stairs and scaling four
Foot wall, when you wear the 9th
The pound Belt of the simulated police officer equipment belt (
It\'s actually heavier in real life).
Then you go to a machine that simulates a situation where an officer may have to bear a lot of weight, for example, pulling someone out of a car in a crowd or pushing someone back.
Push or pull 70 in a row-
You have to finish three and a half.
Turn around the machine by crossing or shuffling your feet.
Then you hit your arm.
Constraint simulator, by applying about 35 pounds weight per hand, combining the two widely set handles on the weight machine together
The picture had to force someone\'s arms behind their backs to wear handcuffs together.
Finally, you have to drag Sir when you are pantingUnconscious (
A heavy dummy affectionately called Randy)
Cross the floor, go around a tower and come back. Oh —
You have to finish it all in two minutes and 42 seconds.
I practiced every paragraph before trying the circuit seriously, and the most worrying thing about it is virtual resistance.
Not completely fun though, as long as I grab Randy\'s wrist, the trip between me and Randy through the floor is not the hardest part.
Not pushed either-
Pull the weight machine once I have mastered the technology.
No, the hardest part so far is the handcuff simulator, which looks very easy when officials show it earlier.
I can hardly squeeze the handle hard to lift the weight and let the handle come together.
I tried various poses and poses without any effect.
After several attempts, there was obviously no chance.
Anyway, I took the test and I was told it was a respectable time for a newbie: three minutes and 18 seconds.
But I\'m not even close to finishing the arm-
Constraint requirements, which means this is an automatic failure.
Not a little lifting and some pushing.
Some officials say ups won\'t fix this if I want to try again.
In the second part of the preparation, I found some success, a simple exercise called an aerobic shuttle or just a \"beep test \".
\"This component forces you to run back and forth in your 20 s.
With the beeps recorded, the time is one metre long and the beeps are getting closer and closer, making you run faster and faster.
If you are still in the game in six minutes, you will pass.
Saturday\'s event was to encourage female applicants in particular, although the preparation test for men and women was the same.
Ann Marie Henry, unit commander of the Toronto police employment unit, said that for some women considering entering police, the physical part of the application may be a source of anxiety.
\"Let our female officers come in and say, \'You know, we \'ve done that already, \'which shows that it\'s all working,\" Henry said . \".
\"You can have a desire for the profession, you can see physical challenges, you can conquer it.
Or, if you\'re recruiting Devon, you can eliminate it. The 24-year-
Old players in Buffalo beauty shop, part of the brand-
The new National Women\'s Hockey League passed the Chase/restraint course in 2 minutes and 17 seconds on Saturday.
\"I also do cross-fitness that might help,\" Skeats said . \" He hardly sweated.
A few months after high school, 18-year-
Old Amanda ocinga has been practicing dummies with a dummy owned by her aunt (a caregiver.
Shortly after dry running on the track, her hands still hurt by the arm restraint simulator, but she did.
Nervous about officially passing the test later on Saturday, Osinga said she is still committed to passing the preparations and becoming a police officer.
\"I can\'t see what I\'m still doing,\" she said . \".
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