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pet bottles do not leach cancerous chemicals: csir | mumbai news - times of india

by:Kenwei      2019-09-14
Mumbai: The Scientific and Industrial Research Council believes that the water stored in PET bottles does not cause endocrine disruption (CSIR)
Said in a study.
To put it simply, this study shows that pets do not affect human hormones
That means it\'s not cancer.
CSIR published a report on PET or PET based on a comprehensive study of male and female rats.
This study is about whether water in PET bottles or food in PET packaging is contaminated with toxic substances such as heavy metals (
Lead and mercury)
And neighboring benzene (
A chemical found in many plastics).
All specific migration of such substances to the analog (
All types of acidic, alkaline or fatty foods)
The summary of the research report states that not only are they below their allowable limits, but they are found to be even below their detection limits.
Equipment for research (
MRI, ELISA or enzyme-
Indirect immune analysis
Able to show the presence of molecules at a minimum level (
An official said.
PET packaging association for clean environment (PACE)
Contact CSIR on June 2016 to inspect PET packaging.
Taking into account the expertise provided by CSIR and our component Central Institute of Food Technology (CFTRI)
A senior official at the CSIR said we were happy to take the challenge
Mysuru CFTRI is in the preface to the study report.
According to another senior official at CSIR, the findings are more relevant than individual tests and will set a food packaging quality benchmark.
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