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pakistani twirler shah sends kiwis spinning

by:Kenwei      2019-09-17
It is impossible for New Zealand to forget Yasir Shah.
No, it\'s not the name of the storm that wreaked havoc on the country, it\'s the leg spinner that caused similar damage.
Kiwis has achieved great success in the past spin race, this time he did not answer the tricks of the Pakistani Super
Twirler Shah is in Dubai. The 32-year-
The old man returned to the international stage. after several injuries, he slammed the 14 wickets and ran 184 times, leading Pakistan to play a game and 16 times.
In the 1-Test series1.
Shah was in trouble in the first inning. he used 8 wickets to muddle through and ran 41 games. New Zealand responded to Pakistan\'s 5 418 games with a weak 90 games.
Then, on the same day, he took two more wickets in the second inning and ended the day with 10 points.
On Tuesday\'s fourth day, Shah captured three more people to publish the second of his country.
Behind the legendary Pez bowler Imran Khan, he scored 14 points in 116 against Sri Lanka in 1982.
Of course, Khan is now the prime minister of Pakistan.
\"I began to know (
Recent records on Imran Khan)
\"So it\'s an honor that my name will appear with him,\" Yasir said . \".
This is a wonderful performance by Messi-
His dribbling skills also tortured his opponents.
Shah did not know anything when he left Kiwis because he used his controls and changes to have a huge impact on a wicket that provided a lot of turns.
Kiwi, though, concurrent the second knock of a war on Ross Taylor hit 82, Henry Nichols\'s 77, and Tom Latham\'s 312 in New Zealand.
Pakistan\'s victory was also attributed to Centurion Harris Sohail (147)
And Babar Azam 127 didn\'t come out)
He added a valuable 186 points to the fifth wicket.
KOHLI is often single --
One hand reversed the situation of the opponent.
Australia and its supporters had a taste of what was expected from this campaign.
Scoring machines in upcoming tests
The series starts in Adelaide next week.
The Indian captain broke 41 goals unbeaten 61 goals and led his country six
Won the wicket with two balls
1-match T20 series
After the second game was abandoned because of the rain.
Kohli showed that he had done well against West India recently and did not abandon him, he will now leave his mark on the game against Australia, Steve Smith and David Warner, who\'s still in one-
Over the past three years, the sandpaper Capper in South Africa has been suspended for a year.
At the Sydney Cricket Ground, in front of 37,339 of the Indian audience, kohli showed his master class and cheered loudly when fans waved flags and chanted Kohli\'s name in unison, as victory seemed to be coming soon.
More than 31,000 people flocked to the Gabba stadium in Brisbane to participate in the opening game. The Melbourne Cricket Ground opened at 63,439. in two games, Indian fans were the most surprised voices of Australians.
\"It\'s strange,\" Speedster Jason Behrendorff told reporters . \".
\"So far we have played almost a away series.
In Melbourne, they cheered the Australian audience, and then the Indians and the entire stadium broke out.
\"So with the possibility that India will become a more popular team in the next two months, Kohli has the possibility to generate more Masters and the possibility that India will return with the border --
The Gavaskar trophy looks good.
In Sydney, after the spinner Krunal Pandya grabbed four wickets, the Australian invested £ 6 for £ 164, and Kuldeep Yadav gave up four for just £ 19.
The Australian got the opener D\'Arcy Short (33)
Captain Alan Finch (28)
Slogging 68 within 8.
3 times before the rotation speed slows down the main team.
Shikhar Dhawan, India (41)
And Rohit Sharma23)
Faster because they exploded 51 in the first three and 67 after six.
Then, when India won 168, Kohli took over India. ROOT-
England captain Joe Gan and his team have made some very special achievements during their trip to Sri Lanka.
On Monday, England completed its first overseas series in 55 years, indicating a team from capable to incompetent.
Some readers of this column may remember Ted Dexter, the tall Sussex and England batsman in his 1960 s, who likes to throw fast bowlers.
The England captain\'s name popped up as under his leadership England completed its last sweep against New Zealand in 1963.
Sri Lanka had a fierce battle after being set to a 327 victory, giving England goose bumps because it had reached 284 before 42 races.
What caused the loss was the rotators Jack Lidge and Moen Ali, who each took four wickets.
Score: 336 points and 230 points for England.
240 and 284 in Sri Lanka.
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