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olivia chow a mayor for toronto’s future: hume

by:Kenwei      2019-09-10
When Toronto elected mayor John Tolley on Monday, the city might get what it wants, but not what it needs.
The good news is Doug Ford (
Open the police office of Doug Ford)will be gone.
The bad news is that Olivia Zhou faces the same fate.
Like the city itself, the Conservative Party prefers him not to be like him.
Although he is polite, well-behaved, patient, steadfast, sincere and earnest, he lacks courage and foresight.
For example, although he admitted that the Scarborough Metro was wrong, he supported it because it was fully funded and approved.
It will waste scarce resources and run out of funds for TTC, but it is a deal.
Tory is reluctant to shake the ship, which is exactly why he is considered the perfect antidote to four years of Rob Ford (
Open the warning sign of Rob Ford)mayhem.
The Conservative Party will bring stability and peace to civil politics and make us feel better about ourselves and the city.
The problem is that Toronto desperately needs a mayor who is focused on the future, not behind.
The election must be to get rid of Ford, but it will be harder in the next four years than in the past.
Traffic has been a hot topic throughout the campaign, but in the future, social problems will prevail.
As the middle class faces increasing economic pressure and the gap between the rich and the poor expands, social cohesion in Toronto will be under unprecedented pressure.
It is shocking that the residents do not have enough food and pay the rent.
Children near the city live in poor families.
To be fair, it worries Tory, but his supporters are less worried.
When asked what he least liked about Toronto, they preferred the candidate to say, \"congestion.
\"The Conservative Party is the mayor we should have elected in 2010, when transit planning was under way and the city needed a competent chief justiceas-she-
Kind of like a man.
In other words, the Conservative Party.
Zhou\'s answer to her dislike of poverty is the same. ” (
Ford is a \"bureaucracy \". ”)
As a woman, a visible minority member and an immigrant, Zhou knew that Ford and Torley only saw the side of the city from a distance.
Not sexy, maybe it doesn\'t matter to the torotonians because they are too busy making a living to shed tears for the poor. The rich —
Including Tory and Ford.
All of this is tea and compassion, but they think the best way to eliminate poverty is to build crossings, cut taxes and give businesses what they want.
However, companies are more willing to sit on billions of dollars than they invest.
Although Canada\'s corporate tax rate is already the lowest in developed countries, companies prefer outsourcing and cheap foreign workers.
To make matters worse, poverty here is becoming racist and increasingly concentrated in the post-war Tower community in the suburbs.
This combination of physical isolation and lack of opportunity is the cause of social unrest.
Transportation is critical to connecting these different communities, but more is needed.
Stephen Chow has been trying to focus on these issues and insists that social programs are needed to integrate marginalized people.
We also learned from what happened in Ottawa this week that Canada was not immune to the violence and fundamentalism that erupted around the globe.
Yes, we need better security, but none of the metal detectors and cameras in the world will change the minds of those who have no stake in society and see it as an enemy.
None of the mayors can solve these problems alone, but it\'s worth remembering why so many torotonians voted for Rob Ford in the first place.
Christopher Hume can be found in chume @ thestar. ca .
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