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nigerian women abandon their hijab

by:Kenwei      2019-08-25
Kano -
Women in Kano, the largest city in northern Nigeria, have abandoned their traditional religious costumes after young girls carried out a series of suicide bomb attacks with explosives under their headscarves.
Last month, the commercial city suffered four attacks involving girls in Muslim costumes, killing at least nine people and injuring dozens.
Although no one claimed responsibility for the bombing, Islamist militants accused Boko Haram of launching a series of attacks.
But the explosion caused fear and suspicion among young women dressed in loose clothes, prompting many to wear different clothes.
17-17 said: \"I don\'t wear a headscarf anymore, because people now see that any young woman wearing a headscarf has the potential to become a suicide bomber.
Ms. Moussa Hajara, age.
\"I now put my shawl [headscarf]
When I went out before the city got rid of the trauma of this terrible trend, the fashion design apprentice told AFP.
Moussa said that although she agreed to be searched, she was recently banned from entering the shopping center wearing a headscarf covering her hair, neck and upper body.
\"I was rejected because of my headscarf, which I find very disturbing,\" she added . \".
Improve security. Hijab in conservative Kano is a common sight, an ancient place for Islamic learning, where it has become a modest custom for women to leave their homes or meet non-relative men
Many women covered their knees with traditional cloth wrapped in headscarves.
Adama Habib, 21, said she prefers to wear a headscarf, but the recent explosion forced her to stop to avoid unnecessary attention.
Habibu, a student at Kano State Institute of Technology, said: \"No matter where a young woman wearing a headscarf goes, people will stay away from her because they are worried that she may be a suicide bomber . \", A suicide bombing in July 30 killed six people and injured 20 others.
The explosion targeted high-end shopping malls, prompting security measures around the enterprise to strengthen, with more police visible around public buildings and frequent patrols.
Shopping malls in the city have also deployed more security personnel at the entrance, who sweep shoppers with their hands
Hold metal detectors and view explosives through handbags.
\"I don\'t carry my handbag anymore because it raises doubts.
I have a small wallet with me wherever I go now . \" Harf sat Yaya, another Kano resident, said she declined to disclose her age.
Residents Bala Dawud said the city\'s men also said they were more alert to young women wearing headscarves.
\"When I found myself with a young woman with a headscarf, I was shaking with fear because she might be a suicide bomber,\" he added . \".
He recalled how a group of people melted when they lined up in front of the ATM --
The woman in the dress joined the queue and asked if it worked.
\"As soon as she was told it was, she took out her cell phone and called someone and told him that she found a machine to distribute cash, and the whole crowd was scattered before you knew it, dawud said: \"Don\'t care about that woman. \"
Resident Samaila Abdussalam said that women wearing niqab cover the entire face other than the eyes, which raises more suspicion.
Boko Haram, it wants to create a hard
Since 2009, the Islamic State group in northern Nigeria has killed more than 10 people and their extremist tactics have been condemned worldwide.
In April, they kidnapped 276 girls in a middle school in northeastern Nigeria, sparking global outrage.
219 people are still being held.
The new strategy of hiring young women and girls as bombers has heightened concerns and anger.
On July 30, police in northern Katsina state arrested a 10-year-
Old girl with explosives on her body
A security person involved in the forensic analysis of the Kano bombing warned residents not to \"generalize\" hastily \".
\"From our preliminary findings, all female suicide bombers are between the ages of 14 and 16, which gives us an idea of the age group of the bomber,\" the source said . \".
\"We believe that the explosion was detonated remotely, which means that the girls were sent under coercion.
Therefore, one should be alert to young women who look nervous or agitated in the crowd.
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